LIVINGSTON, NJ - TAP into Livingston recently had the pleasure of meeting with Elyse Shermer, one of the Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce's active members. Elyse currently works for the Chadler Group as a business developer.

The Chadler Group. 100 Passaic Ave, Suite 120, Fairfield NJ 07004,

Partners: George Yost, Michael Boggio, Scott Erickson, Michael Iannaconi, and Rick Werley

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When established: The Chadler Group was established in 1994, combining the resources of the following three highly respected insurance agencies located in Northern New Jersey: The Boggio Agency, Inc., established in 1960; Carl H. Ficke & Co., Inc., established in 1947; and the John L. Werley Insurance Agency, Inc., established in 1976.

Services offered: We are a full service agency with seven Departments offering different services to our clients including: Commercial Lines; Qualified Plans; Personal Lines; Bonding; HR Outsourcing; and Group Benefits; Executive Benefits/ Individual insurance.

Stand-out services: Many property and casualty agencies offer just Insurance Coverages. We make sure our clients are 100 percent protected by offering services that complement insurance coverages.

What makes you special? We take a consultative approach and the long view when it comes to helping our clients. We are not in it for the quick sale but rather for making sure they are prospected all around—for years to come.

What made you go into this profession? I was originally in advertising sales for 15 years and when the economy went down and the advertising industry changed, I wanted to find something where I could still work with businesses in the area and be an advocate for my clients. Now, instead of helping those with their marketing plans and budgets, I advise and educate them on how to best protect their assets.

Did you go to school for what you do now?  If you could do it over, what would you have majored in in college? I have a BA in Communications. I wanted to go into advertising back then. I probably wouldn’t do anything differently, as my experience in my past made me who I am today—a strong sales professional.

What is the most frequently asked question by potential customers or existing clients?  
“Can you lower my premium? “ Sometimes it works out that way but I don’t sell on price but rather on value. I want to make sure my clients are properly protected.

What is your favorite part of the workday or week and why? My favorite part of the workday is when I am meeting new people. I try to do this often, whether it is through an organized networking event or through current clients. The best way to build up your book of business in this industry is through referrals. The more people I meet, the more I increase my chances of building my network.

If your business had a theme song, what would it be? Chumbawamba—I Get Knocked Down. You need to be strong and not take rejection personally and keep going. You get a lot of rejection as an insurance producer.

What made you decide to have a business or do business in Livingston? My Agency is located in Fairfield. I am a resident of Livingston. I have held jobs that have placed me in Livingston and surrounding towns so I got to know the businesses in the area well over the past few years.

What is your favorite thing about Livingston? I love how family-friendly it is in Livingston. It is a great town to raise kids.

When you are not at work, what is your favorite thing to do? Sleep and read. With a full time job and two kids, I don’t have much free time—but I take what I can get.

Who is your hero? My dad is my hero. He was a sales person as well. He taught me many things such as “when it comes to the sales profession, people do business with those who they like,” and “be nice to people and they will want to work with you, everything else is secondary.”

For more information about the Chadler Group's products and services, contact Elyse at  (973)227-0025 ext 189