TAPinto Livingston recently interviewed Gella Seiden, long time businesswoman and resident of Livingston.

Gella Seiden, SRES, CRB – Broker Sales Associate

Caldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Owned by NRT (National Realty Trust)

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(973) 994-4324 – gella.seiden@cbmoves.com

Q:  How did you get started in your profession?
A:  I started in the 1970's as a Realtor associate and shortly after started my own brokerage, Kaden Realty Inc. at the corner of East Cedar Street.  In 1995, my brokerage firm was acquired  by Burgdorff Realtors which later became Coldwell Banker Realtors.

Q:  What services do you offer?
A: The marketing and sales of residential properties: single family homes, condominiums, land, and rentals.

Q.What are your stand-out services.
A:  My daughter, Diana Seiden Frankel, and I work together and we offer "Two generations helping guide growing families and seniors in decisions and plans for their immediate and future real estate needs".  We listen to our clients and focus on fulfilling their needs, locally, nationally, and internationally through the Coldwell Banker international network.

Q: What makes yours and Diana's services special?
A:  Among the qualities that make us special is our experience, personal knowledge of the communities we serve, the current market value of  their properties, and market trends.   Through Coldwell Banker and its unmatched internet presence we are able to offer the utmost in marketing tools. We work extensively with our clients to assist them in positioning their properties to achieve the best results. We are professionals focused on trying to exceed our client's expectations on each and every opportunity.  Our services are really about them and not about us - one of us is available at all times.

Q: What made you go into this profession?
A: I enjoy working with people and helping them achieve their goals.  I also enjoy marketing and negotiating and and am very service oriented.  My specific interest in getting a real estate license  began after I took an adult education course about real estate.  Real estate sales gave me the opportunity to work in an area where I really enjoyed living - it gave me the ability to grow and to work independently while having the support of a great company behind me. It's a challenge and every day is different.  It's rewarding and I get to work with a lot of great people and build long term relationships. In a word…I am very fortunate to love my work and work at what I love.

Q:  If you or your business was an animal which one would it be and why?
A: A bald eagle.  It's independent, mobile (air, land and sea), and they can soar freely without any fear of predators.  They are a symbol of excellence, pride and what our country stands for, and I feel the same way about what I do.  Even though I've been a Realtor for a long time I'm still learning and growing and adapting to the current environment.

Q.  Does your business have a slogan?
A: "Helping Homeowners at every stage of life"

Q: Gella, I see there are letters after your name? What do they stand for?
A: The SRES stands for Seniors Real Estate Specialist.  CRB is for Certified Real Estate Broker. GRI is for Graduate Real Estate Institute certification. All of these symbols demonstrate my dedication to my craft and help make me more valuable to my clients.

Q:  What is the most frequently asked question by potential customers and clients?
A: Sellers usually ask, "If   I decide to sell my house, what price should I expect to get?" Buyers usually ask, " This is how much I can spend, what can I buy in this price range?", and also want information about schools and community services.

Q. What is your favorite part of the work day and why?
A: I enjoy meeting with clients and marketing and negotiating on their behalf.

Q:  If you could work with a celebrity who would it be?
A:  Barbara Corcoran.  She's smart, started her own real estate business which is very successful, and appears on the TV show, Shark Tank, making offers, when she wants to,  for entrepreneurs on start up businesses which need an investment and advice in exchange for a part of their  business. I think it could be a lot of fun, and I could learn from her which would be interesting.

Q: Why did you decide to have a business or do business in Livingston?
A: I've lived in Livingston since the 60's, and  have always been involved in the community.  When my children were in school, I was a PTA president and a member of the the PT Council. I was on the zoning board, a past president of the Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce, member of Kiwanis, and I am on the board of the Jewish Community Housing Corporation. I was invited to participate in the first Livingstson Citizens Institute.

Business wise, I'm member of Coldwell Banker's International  President's Circle for 2013, which is composed of the top 6% of all qualified Coldwell Banker Sales Associates internationally.

We work very hard and we are successful at what we do - and we can only be successful when we help our clients to succeed.

Q: What is your territory?
A: Livingston, suburban Essex County - Millburn/Short Hills, West Orange, Maplewood, South Orange, Roseland, Essex Fells the Caldwells and parts of Morris County.  If we are working with a client who is interested in an area that we are not very familiar with, we will refer them to someone who is.  We are part of an excellent referral network.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Livingston?
A: It has a suburban quality in such a close proximity to New York. My favorite thing at this point is a sense of community we all enjoy here in Livingston. As I go into the market or shops, or stop at town hall, or go to the library, or walk around the Oval, there are familiar faces and organizations that welcome new members who share common interests.

Q: When you're not at work, what is your favorite thing to do?
A: I'm passionate about my "work".  But, when I'm not working I enjoy being with my family, getting together with friends,  reading books with cross cultural themes or historical periods or events.  I also enjoy going to lectures, museums, concerts and shows.

Q: Tell us about your family and how you came to be a resident of Livingston.
A: I was born in Brooklyn and in 6th grade moved to New London, Connecticut. When I was first married, we lived in  garden apartment in Rutherford.  After our son was born, we needed more space and looked for a community in which to buy a home. One of my cousins lived and worked  in Livingston where she was a guidance counselor. After speaking with her, we moved to Livingston because we thought it would be a good community in which to raise a family,  She was right. My  son, daughter and two grandchildren have grown up in and attended our Livingston schools.

Q: Is there anything specific you want to tell the residents of  Livingston?
A: Livingston really is A WONDERFUL TOWN and I am proud to be a resident!