This month's Charity Spotlight recipient is the Westfield United Fund, an 80-year-old organization which last year supported 19 area charitable organizations, helping area residents in need from children to seniors in such areas as special needs, domestic violence and behavioral health. If you wish to help a diverse group of charities but lack the time to find them, the Fund is a great way to achieve “one stop shopping.” In the words of the fund:
At the Westfield United Fund, we are proud to be a locally focused, grassroots organization. For over 80 years we have remained true to our mission of helping people in the Westfield area care for one another by taking an active role in building a stronger community. Through the generosity of our residents, we have been able to distribute more than $30 million in the community, helping thousands of people in need. 

As Nancy Otchy, the president of Mobile Meals of Westfield for many years has said, “We could not serve our clients without the support of the WUF.” Alex Williams, board president of Youth & Family Counseling, said, “The WUF makes it possible for us to deliver our services.”

Our mission is to help people in our area who need care and social services. We strive to identify unmet needs and to support programs and services that address the needs of individuals, families, teens, children and seniors, including those with physical and psychological disabilities. Our goal is to be a community resource for residents in need, as well as those looking for ways to give back.

Our Fund Distribution Committee, made up of residents who volunteer their time, makes sure that every dollar is spent wisely and effectively. When you give to the Westfield United Fund, you can be sure that your money is going far, but not far away. For more information or to make a donation, please go to and make a difference today!