I recently saw the latest FEMA commercial, "The Day Before."

Seeing this commercial hit the airwaves has only reinforced our message that the only way to anticipate disasters is to prepare for the unexpected.

Tornados are so unusual in NJ that on the rare occasions that warnings are issued, many people have no idea how to respond. Like so many other disasters, the first line of defense before a tornado is a family emergency kit. If you have not already, see our detailed post on what these preparations should entail: http://thealternativepress.com/articles/the-plural-of-apocalypse.

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Next, learn the terminology:

Tornado Watch: Weather conditions have created the possibility of tornados. Monitor any approaching storms. Use NOAA Weather Radio for updated information and watch the sky.

Tornado Warning: Tornados have been seen or confirmed by weather radar. Take immediate shelter.

Know the danger signs:

  • Dark sky with tints of green.
  • Large hail.
  • Dark clouds that lie low to the ground and may rotate
  • A loud roar that may sound like a freight train

During a tornado, please see the following Preparedness Guide

After a Tornado:

  • Wear protective shoes, pants, long sleeves, and gloves when walking near or handling debris
  • Report any fallen power lines to the police and utility companies.
  • DO NOT use gas-powered generators, pressure washers, grills, stoves, or devices inside any enclosed areas, as these may leach deadly Carbon monoxide into the air.

As always, PuroClean technicians will be on call to help you strategize the most efficient ways to clear debris and mitigate property damage. We have the tools and technology to safely clean items that have been affected by any fires and leaks the storm may have caused.

No matter the disaster, rare or unfortunately common, PuroClean of Cranford is here for you.

Robin Hoy, Cranford NJ