Many are noticing that the Dental offices they grew up with hardly resemble the high-tech powerhouse that present day dentistry has become. What is new and how does it benefit our patients?

#1: Digital Radiography - how cool is it to see your dental radiographs pop up on the screen next to you , as soon as it gets taken- and in a large size that you can see? This technology has greatly decreased the radiation exposure by up to 70% compared with standard radiography of the past. It also helps with diagnosis!

#2: Metal-Free Dental Materials - You have choices for fillings and crowns nowadays like never in the past- Gone are the silver amalgam fillings, replaced with strong, bonded Resin restorations that can be matched to your existing tooth!

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#3: Metal Free Crowns, Bridges and Implant-retained Crowns - For great cosmetics in the upper anterior teeth, we now use EMAX ( Lithium Disilicate) to bond to existing tooth structure, allowing a seamless match  and more conservative preparation. For posterior teeth, Zirconia crowns- which are strong while being thin-also allowing us to conserve more of your tooth for crowns , onlays and veneers.

#4: Laser Dentistry- who wants to have needles and be numb?? The Solea Co2 Cold Laser works on enamel to allow for conservative, pain-free fillings - great for kids! Great for all! Go to: to find a Laser dentist near you!

#5: Better tools for Diagnosis- Laser decay finders, such as Diagnodent, allows us to find decay and clean it out before it gets going into deeper layers of tooth structure. Minimally Invasive Dentistry is the best way to preserve your teeth for life!

Make sure to visit your Dentist regularly! You might be pleasantly surprised!! 

Yours in good Dental Health, 

Dr. Teresa DeStefano and Dr. John Raziano