In honor of #BourdainDay, the East Main Podcast remembers Anthony Bourdain; his writing, attitude, and television collaboration with Zero Point Zero Productions. Following the passing of chef, writer, and producer, Anthony Bourdain, East Main Media team members, Brian Brodeur, Kayla Galka, and Morgan Taylor, captured their thoughts and reflections in a special edition of the East Main Podcast.

In Bourdain’s CNN show, “Parts Unknown,” the rhythm of his writing, fused with the music, camera work, editing, graphics--and most importantly, the conversations--gave the series it's unique feel. Bourdain's personality seemed to authentically translate, which resonated with viewers conditioned by a world of auto-tuned, photoshopped and focus-grouped content.

Bourdain's style and creativity were expressed in collaboration with the talented production team at Zero Point Zero Productions. Technically brilliant and esthetically beautiful, many “Parts Unknown” episodes featured references and tributes to iconic productions; from the James Bond-inspired Jamaica episode, to the psychedelic motion graphics and blood soup of Thailand, to the cinematic love letter to Southern Italy. The East Main Media team looks at ZPZ and Bourdain as a benchmark for creating high-level honest and compelling content. 

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"They do what I want to do when I grow up,” joked East Main Media Executive Producer Brian Brodeur. “Their level of quality and how they produced those shows with high production value in the camera and in post-production” he said, “and most importantly how they collaborated with Tony Bourdain.” Brodeur added, “They were sort of heroes to me.”

Although Bourdain was a professional chef for years, he gained notoriety through his writing. His literary career started with a behind-the-scenes piece on the restaurant world, "Don’t Eat Before Reading This" in The New Yorker, which spawned a book deal and a call from ZPZ producers Chris Collins and Lydia Tenaglia. Soon, Bourdain and ZPZ were producing their first food and travel series together, "A Cook's Tour," which was followed by “No Reservations” (Food Network), “The Layover” (Travel Channel), and “Parts Unknown” (CNN), the latter airing for 12 seasons with 103 episodes.

"What drew me to the show was his storytelling--and food,” said East Main Media Senior Producer Kayla Galka. “But then, what that became--it wasn't just about the food, it was about the people, and their stories, and then learning more about the different cultures,” she said. “It made me want to travel more, explore, be more open."

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