I often hear from potential clients:

I would like a consultation with an experienced employment law attorney to see whether I have a claim. However, attorneys usually charge four or five hundred dollars an hour and I don’t want to pay that if I may not have a claim. Also, even after an appointment is set up, I am usually shuffled around various paralegals and never get to sit down and chat with an actual attorney.

Our response:

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Here at the Law Offices of Fred Shahrooz Scampato, we offer a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation. We will listen to the facts of your case, advise you as to the applicable law and provide you with option for going forward.

We understand what our clients are going through, and we care about your case. Only experienced employment law attorneys will consult with you and provide you with the benefit of decades of their experience in this area of law. 

If you believe that you have been mistreated due to unlawful discrimination, hostile work environment harassment or retaliation for blowing the whistle or raising an internal complaint of harassment or discrimination, then call us today for a free 15-minute telephone consultation.