Summit’s EMS Volunteers answered 121 emergency calls for help in September. These included 66 medical emergencies: nine motor vehicle accidents, including an overturned vehicle; two pedestrians struck by a vehicle; seven traumatic injuries, including a fall from over 10 feet; One burn injury; 15 falls; nine reports of poisoning or overdose; One allergic reaction; three possible cases of Carbon Monoxide poisoning; and three responses to a medical alarm. Squad Volunteers also provided two “lift assists” to patients who did not require transport to a hospital as well as one non-emergency ambulance transport.  Squad volunteers also provided EMS coverage at two fire scenes.

The Squad did not see any COVID-19 patients during the month.

During September, 10 emergency calls were answered by an off-duty 'back-up crew' of volunteers responding from home or work when the on-duty crew is busy. Seven emergency calls were to provide mutual aid assistance to neighboring towns. Sixteen patients transported to a hospital by Squad members also received advanced life support care from hospital-based paramedics who accompanied the Squad’s ambulance. 

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Historically, call volume dips in August when most of Summit tends to vacation. This year, however, actually saw that dip come in September, possibly due to many residents postponing vacation plans.   

The Squad answers calls for help 24 hours a day and at a variety of locations. In September, there were 76 responses to patient’s home or apartment; 14 were for accidents or medical emergencies on roads or highways; two calls were to an assisted living facility; two in public buildings; two in public parks; one on an athletic field; two to a health care professional’s office; five to a local business.  There were also five medical incidents on sidewalks; three in parking lots; one to a school; one to a house of worship; and one on the grounds of Overlook Medical Center. 

The all-volunteer First Aid Squad, responds to emergency calls 24/7, is entirely funded through private donations and does not bill for service.  The Squad is always looking for new volunteers to join its ranks. All needed training, uniforms and equipment is provided. For information on becoming a volunteer, or donating to the squad, call 908-277-9479 or visit