Smart phones abound and, for many people, are the primary source of information--for virtually everything. Good apps save you time, money, and also can be just plain fun. In the world of green, there are lots of apps available; here is a sampling:

IRecycle by Earth 911 (free for iPhone and Android) provides information on where you can recycle a wide variety of items. By grabbing your location, it gives you recycling info specific to your area. Sample review.

GoodGuide (free for iPhone and Android) allows you to scan an item's barcode with your phone and immediately retrieve green information and ratings on the product. Take it to the grocery store to compare foods, health products, and lots more. GoodGuide also has a website where you can access the same rating and green info if you prefer to do your research before you leave the house. Sample review.

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Environmental Working Group (EWG) "Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen" (free for iPhone, Android, and Windows) inserts EWG's well-known "Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen" list of fruits and vegetables right into your phone. No more trying to remember or carrying around a paper list. It also includes a comprehensive list of 45 fruits and veggies with pesticide residue ratings. Sample review.

PaperKarma (free for iPhone, Android, and Windows) is a quick way to reduce your junk mail. You just download the app, register, then take photos of the catalogs and other junk mail you want to stop. Tap the “Unsubscribe Me” button and let the PaperKarma people do the rest. Sample review.

This list does not even scratch the surface of all the apps out there. A quick Google search will take you to apps that are specific to your areas of interest, many of which are free or quite inexpensive. Take a look and make your smart phone into a "getting greener" tool.

By Beth Lovejoy, Summit Environmental Commission