With uncertainty about energy costs and increasing concern about climate change, it’s no wonder that energy efficiency is gaining more attention. But even with new and better energy efficiency tools available today, truly customized ways to save energy and money are hard to come by. This could all change with the help of a long-underused piece of equipment in your own home: the electric meter.

For years, the spinning disk and numbered dials of the home electric meter have performed one
principal function: recording how much power you use so you can be billed properly. But the “smart” movement that has revolutionized everything from your phone to your TV can transform your electric meter, as well, and one of the big benefits will be significant improvements in energy efficiency.

With the smart meters available today, utilities can connect to – and communicate with – every
customer on a two-way basis. Some benefits are obvious: Your utility will know that your power is out and will be able to dispatch the right number and types of crews automatically, helping to speed
restoration. A smart meter also can provide early warning about power quality issues.

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Increased convenience and reliability, however, just begin to tell the story of smart meters and energy efficiency.

Power-use data that is collected safely and securely via smart meters can help customers better understand their own energy consumption, which in turn can help them use energy more efficiently.

Want to know what uses the most power in your home? Or when your usage is highest? Or what kind of mpact a new appliance has on your bill? A smart meter can give you the answers, perhaps delivered right to an app on your smartphone. Once smart meters are deployed, your utility will be able to develop and offer more innovative ways to save energy and money than are available today.

When you combine the functionality of smart meters with a smart home device or digital assistant, you can create a truly smart – and customized – home energy management system that can help you save money, reduce energy waste and shrink your overall carbon footprint.

The technology is here to turn your electric meter into one of the greatest energy efficiency innovations to come along in decades. It’s time New Jersey caught up and approved a smart meter for every home and business.