When looking for Father's Day cards yesterday, I was thinking to myself how nice it is that everyone (well almost everyone) buying a card thinks that their dad is the best.  That's why all the "World's Best Dad" merchandise gets sold out first.  Being a parent teaches you quickly that children do as they see, not as they are told.  I'm so grateful I got to see a lot in my own dad.

I tell this story often but it says alot about the man I call Dad.  We would get one pizza pie on a Friday night from Tabor pizza and there were five of us.  My dad never took a second slice until everyone else had eaten.  He's still as selfless today, even though he's on the northern side of 75!  Friday was my son's 8th grade graduation and he carried two chairs about a half a mile for him and my mom to sit on the big lawn.  As soon as he saw I didn't have a chair, he made up a story about him not wanting to sit cause his back hurt and he insisted I use it.  Of course he never thinks of himself!  Even as he was sitting on a set of steps 20 feet in back of us.  So as kids, my brother, sister and I saw selflessness all the time.

When we were teenagers there was never any sleeping in.  We were woke up every Saturday morning at 8:30am to Kate Smith belting out 'God Bless America' from the record player in the living room.  We wore red, white and blue on 4th of July.  We saw the tomb of the Unknown Soldier when we were still in single digits.  So as kids, my brother, sister and I saw patriotism.

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When we were still little, my dad lost his sister, his brother and his parents all within a very short window of time.  It's unimaginable the grief and sorrow that he must have hid underneath his shell all the time.  He didn't let it stop him from loving us, promoting us, encouraging us or fixing one of our bicycles. So as kids, my brother, sister and I saw incredible strength.

Way before people worked from home, my dad was present. It might have been 4pm in the middle of a Monday afternoon, but if my brother looked out from one of his football games, or I looked out from cheering a soccer game, we always saw my dad in the crowd.  He sacrificed alot of promotions and career jumps to make sure he kept the kind of job that gave him flexibility to be at all his kids stuff.  So as kids, my brother, sister and I saw incredible love and pride. 

I could go on about his singing, his sense of humor and his generosity.  All traits that we saw every day.  All traits that all of our kids now see in their grandfather every day as well. 

Father's Day.  It brings a sense of gratitude, love and appreciation for the men that brought us into the world.  Happy Father's Day to my amazing Dad and all the Dads out there that star in all of their kids' stories.