HELLO FALL!  Where did summer go?  It always seems so fleeting does it not?  The start of Fall brings with it, so many beginnings…

  1. School of course, always is top of mind for those of us with children at that age.

  2. Re-arranging closets is a close second… moving warm weather clothing to the back.. Moving colder weather clothing up in rotation…  It is almost officially BOOT Season..

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  3. Routine.. Getting back into some normalcy of a schedule.

  4. Setting an alarm again…

  5. Making lunches…

  6. Looking at pretty leaves, You can go driving to look at them…

  7. Holiday shopping, you’ve got to start sometime, now is a good a time as any…

Now is also a great time to look for a New Home. And, if you’re looking to MOVE in the Winter or Spring; now is a great time to make any necessary home or landscaping repairs.

  • PAINT!  

  • Clean under beds and dressers.

  • Replace missing or loose floor boards.

  • Buff and/or re-stain your floor.

  • Replace dirty, dusty rugs, shower mats, etc.

  • Change out rusty, chipping fixtures.  

  • THROW OUT anything you know you wouldn’t want to bring with you to a new home. (If you haven’t used it, worn it, thought about it, for a year (or more) this qualifies!)  

  • Trim overgrown branches, take down ANY dead bushes, flowers, trees.. Really, its a safety concern, especially with a dead tree. ( Yes, we do speak from experience..)

sage&aliRE411 would be happy to assist you with ALL things Real Estate!  

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