Jets Fan Chatter

  • Todd Bowles 3 and Out

    November 16, 2018

    Three and out. That just happens to describe the 2018 New York Jets season so far. At 3 and whatever, the team will soon be out of contention for even the wild card position in our division.

    Three ...

  • Anderson. Crowell. Williams.

    All of the players on the New York Jets roster are team players. All are an important piece in the outcome of the game.

    After the big win over the Denver Broncos 34-16, there is a need to shine a ...

  • Knock Out. Knock Down. Get Up.

    Sam Darnold will long remember that his first NFL career throw was an interception.

    Sam Darnold is not the first quarterback in NFL history to throw an interception on his first career pass. Think ...

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