Three and out. That just happens to describe the 2018 New York Jets season so far. At 3 and whatever, the team will soon be out of contention for even the wild card position in our division.

Three and out. That certainly describes the play action, or for that matter, all the plays of the offensive line lately.

Three and out. That's the total number of years Todd Bowles should have been the head coach for the New York Jets, but we're now in his fourth season and how's that going for the team?

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I don't like to rip the head coach or the New York Jets but I'm going to do it now.

Here's a quick note to you, Todd Bowles. Season ticket holders, especially the ones who paid the outlandishly expensive PSL prices, are waiting for you to show some emotion and leadership both on the field and during your press conferences. 

Would you please give more in-depth answers during your press conferences. Would you please show some powerful leadership. Strong leadership motivates players.

You're from Jersey. What happened to your Jersey attitude?

Bowles was asked to explain the 41-10 loss to the Bills in the post-game press conference. Bowles said,  "You can't. You can't. We stunk it up as coaches. We stunk it up as players. We didn't play well."

What does that mumblemouth answer mean? Every time I read Bowles' response to that question I ask myself what the h*** did he mean by that?

Notice how the coach never used the word "I" in the sentences. There is no "i" in team but during the post-game press conference, Bowles should have used the "I" word more often.

Bowles was asked how disappointed he was with the loss and what happened.

Bowles said,"We didn't coach well in any aspect of the game. We didn't play well in any aspect of the game."

His response should have been, "I am the head coach and I didn't coach well in any aspect of the game and it is evident by the way the players played in every aspect of the game."

That's taking ownership of the loss.

After being head coach for 4 years, getting paid to be the leader of the team, getting paid to be the motivation for the team, Bowles has fallen short, in my opinion.

Bowles was asked during his November 12 press conference what his message was to the team that morning. He said,"We stunk it up, we own it."

There's that "we" word again.

I don't want to beat a dead horse (a terrible cliche') but the rest of the answers to the November 12 questions asked of Bowles in his press conference read basically the same. Bowles was finally asked how much self-evaluation he would do.

"The self-evaluation starts with me, then the coaches, then the players," Bowles said.

Finally, he owned it.