Being A Cop: You Learn Every Day and You Learn How To Stay Alive Every Day

by Allan Cimino (NYPD Ret.)

If being a cop is your life, then it's TOTALLY living and learning every day. The cop next to you might know more than you learn from him or her.

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At some point (with experience), your street smarts start getting sharper. That's when you “fine tune” your “Sixth Sense,” and it does happen. You never take that sense for granted.

While honing your “Sixth Sense”, there are things that you never say to yourself. For instance..."Well it's routine” or “I've done this before." Every day is different and new. Knowing to expect the unexpected keeps you on you toes.

You make sure you DON'T EVER think you're bullet proof, or you're the toughest guy “on the block.”

You will find out who can trust with your life. There will be times when you're working with someone and you know you're “alone” even with him or her right there with you. You know in your heart-of-hearts, if something goes horrifically wrong, you will be facing it A-L-O-N-E.

Everything falls into place with experience. It's just a feeling. can't buy way, no how.


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