Relentless Dental Pain...There's Nothing Like It

I have always had bad teeth as far back as I can remember. I have seen countless dentists and spent an incredible amount of money. Each dentist tells me, “...I can save your teeth.”

In the end, my repaired teeth last about three to six months. Then, they begin to fall out. The pain is excruciating, but I battle through it everyday. Truth be told, I envy anyone who has never experienced relentless dental pain. Everyday I wake up, brush and look in the mirror wondering, “What's the point having painful and ugly teeth which turn me into an unsightly freak?”

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I hope you never know what it's like NOT to be able to smile in public. Over time, the stares and the comments start to take their “emotional toll.” I'm not a crackhead! I'm certainly not a drug addict! I am a hardworking guy who is trying to make it through his life.

My dental benefits only cover “so much” of the expenses. All I want to do is to get them all taken out and replaced with dentures.

I just keep on going regardless of the pain. To be continued...


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