Westfield attorney Karolina A. Dehnhard, of the law firm Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook & Cooper, P.C., has been selected to contribute on international, business, political, and diplomatic topics for WPROST, a weekly national news magazine in Poland, that reaches audiences in the United States and the United Kingdom. Ms. Dehnhard, partner in the firm’s Divorce and Family Law group, is also the firm’s Managing Director of the firm’s International Transactions Group and devotes half of her practice to international business transactions. Current topics Ms. Dehnhard has contributed to WPROST include: a comparison of the impact of COVID-19 in Poland and the United States and the temporary suspense of immigration to the United States and its impact on international business.

A 1999 graduate of the College of St. Elizabeth, Ms. Dehnhard received her Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School in 2009. Karolina assists with complex financial issues, including valuation of businesses both domestically and abroad; international custody rights; the impact of immigration status on divorcing spouses and their children; enforcement of foreign divorce decrees; and the complexities associated with alimony rights and post-judgment cohabitation. Karolina has appeared on various TV shows and news programs, as well as published articles on family law topics in numerous print publications including North Jersey Woman Magazine, Industry Magazine, VUENJ, and numerous Polish publications. In addition, she co-authored a chapter in “Understanding the Legal Issues Surrounding Same-Sex Marriage.” She is the co-host of two radio shows, “The Law Matters,” on WMTR Radio, and “There’s Always a Way Out,” hosted in Polish, on Radio RAMPA.