Summer is moving along quickly.  How are you feeling?  During this continuing health crisis, I believe that we are all concerned about maintaining our immunity and resisting this potentially devastating disease.  We need to be transforming ourselves to a higher state of wellness and improve our mind-body health.  This is time for action!  

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It is a crucial time for each of us to work through our journey toward improving our well-being.  What better way than in the presence of a wellness coach who supports you and ensures that you will be safe and efficient by designing an exercise program individually set up for you!


Come join me this month for one-on-one private training in my private studio on Main Street in Madison and learn how to transition your body into a healthier version!  It isn’t easy to navigate through all of the information we find on the web:  Videos, Zoom classes, Facebook posts,… and they all serve a purpose.  Nonetheless, there is no experience better than being IN PERSON, guided and supported by a live human being in real time.  Please…. allow me help you develop a healthier lifestyle and you will immediately begin to feel better in your body!


During your session, YOU will be the center of attention, — honoring your body, your feelings, your feedback, while learning how to do exercises correctly!  Some things just make sense.  This is one of them.  You do not need to do this alone.  Please give me a call at 908-723-6979 to get started.


Sharing healthy recipes is also part of building a healthier lifestyle.  COOKIE +a Kate is a wonderful resource to learn how make or get inspired by healthy, whole food recipes.  Try this recipe for broccoli salad and for other healthy cooking ideas:


Get moving and eat healthy! 🍉