John Wick delivers everything I expected and more while killing all! The third chapter delivers a similar joy to that of the first installment of John Wicks over the top assassin skills. I discovered Chapter I  on late night movie search. While perusing for a “time killer” (all pun intended), I stumbled across the incredible Baba Yaga also known as Keanu Reeves character, John Wick. The movie was nothing of what I had expected. It was the best action movie that I had seen in nearly a decade. So, I did the next logical thing, I bought the Blu-Ray, re-watched the movie, watched the director's commentary, and then started sharing. Everyone I knew borrowed my copy of John Wick or was implored to watch the film. However, I soon learned that I was not alone in my adoration of the sleek action thriller, because like me, most people who discovered the first installment, spread the fervor, which is why Chapter II opened to more box office revenue than that of the entire Chapter I. Chapter II built upon the original story and mythology, delivering a satisfying sequel, despite lacking the same re-watchability the first chapter had. However, John Wick: Chapter I and Chapter II paved the way for a fantastic threequel. John Wick: Chapter III Parabellum was outstanding. It was fun, energetic, and dynamic action for two hours. The film delivered in as much glory as its first two predecessors had, leaving the audience on the edge of their seat through meticulously choreographed fight scenes. Leading up to the release, I had intentionally avoided trailers and spoilers in order to retain as much of the film’s delivery and impact as possible - sure enough - my strategy paid off.

Make sure that you are in your seats on time because the action starts from second the title cards end and carries the movie through until the final shot. The script delivered by Derek Kolstad and the direction provided by Chad Stahelski offers a start to finish thrill ride. The first half hour lays plot while also gripping the audience with an action-packed tour de force that has been missing for years in the action genre.

Parabellum was self-aware and intentionally broke tropes. As a fan, I appreciated the development of the John Wick mythology and found myself suspending disbelief easily as I was ushered deeper into this world of highly trained assassins, ruthlessly dedicated to the underworld they serve. My only quibble lies with the Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), which was also a small problem in the first films. Specifically, the CGI blood splatter and sound effects were a tad over-emphasized in an attempt to hit their mark. Other than that, the film surprised me with a rare and delectable indulgence. With a TV show set to further explore the world and mythology planned to start filming in 2019, Parabellum needed to deliver a fitting addition to the franchise. The cast grew and filled greater demands nicely, and while some characters were missed, the return of the usual suspects made the absences less noticeable. With Reeves returning in arguably his best role, in arguably the best trilogy, in arguably the best original property of the past decade, John Wick provides an installment that fulfills a need in their fans while also leaving them wanting additional projects to keep their beloved killer front and center.

The Skinny: John Wick: Chapter III Parabellum is fun and worth the ride. If you go in expecting an action adventure movie or was a fan of the first film, then Parabellum is a must see. I only recommend to action fans, particularly those who like a good old fashioned shoot ‘em up flick. I give John Wick: Chapter III Parabellum 3.75 stars out of 4 stars and thumbs way up. It is a must-see for anyone who enjoys the series or wants to have a killer time!