The 2015-2016 School Year Begins this Week. May all of your school-age children embark on an absolutely fabulous new school year!

And to those without children, or those with children who are enjoying a new chapter in their lives, while living on a college campus or commuting to a place of higher learning, take time to enjoy whatever you choose to do with renewed zest, and a renewed, exciting, attitude!

My best to each of you!

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La Cucina di Clemenza Ristorante located in Millburn is the place to go for Meatballs and Spaghetti.

Start with their freshly tossed Caesar salad, with Romaine lettuce, Caesar Dressing, croutons, and shaved Peccorino Romano cheese, ($8).  Then move on to a House Special of Clemenza’s Sunday Gravy Combo, featuring Italian sausage, meatballs, and petite, beef braciole, served with rigatoni, as it appears in their family recipe of Sunday Meat and Gravy, ($25). For dessert, please order their really, extra-special, Tartufo. La Cucina di Clemenza is located at 382 Millburn Ave., Millburn. Call:973.379.6799.

Kosher Bagel Supreme, Springfield

I must confess, every Sunday, and sometimes during the week, I’ll find myself at Kosher Bagel Supreme in Springfield. I find their Bagels are truly special.

Baked on the premises, the Bagels baked at Bagel Supreme in Springfield, get my vote for Best Bagels in Union County. Arriving warm, crisp, and delicious, visitors have the choice of choosing plain, salted, onion, poppy seed, and an “Everything” Bagel. 
Why not treat the family to something extra special. Purchase a dozen bagels. Prepare a couple of simple salads featuring Tuna fish, Egg Salad, and Shrimp Salad. Garnish with lettuce, tomato, and sliced onion.  Serve the bagels with cream cheese, and or butter. Before serving, slice each bagel. For those that were not consumed at dinner, carefully, wrap each bagel and  place it in the freezer. You’ll find you’ll have enough to serve the family, as well as treat friends who stop by.

As another thought, don’t leave Bagel Supreme without an order of their especially delicious Nova Scotia Lox, and a pound of their fabulous, fresh, cream cheese. 
Please remember, Bagel Supreme continually bakes Bagels throughout the day. They are always a welcome treat for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. 

Consider serving Bagels at your next at-home gathering. Know that they arrive crispy and delicious and come in many varieties. Try them plain, with salt, poppy seeds, or onions. Freshly baked Bagels from Bagel Supreme arrive straight from the oven and taste crispy and delicious. Try them plain, with salt, poppy seeds, or onions, Freshly baked bagels are delicious with Nova Scotia Lox, Scallions, Tuna Fish, Egg Salad, Shrimp Salad or as an accompaniment to your favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
Having a party, or planning a special celebration? Why not talk to the staff at Bagel Supreme. Decide what you are going to serve, and have the Staff prepare platters of gorgeous smoked fish, assorted cheeses, fresh bagels, and a gaggle of fresh vegetables.  All you’ll have to do is set a full pot of fresh coffee on the stove, or plug-in your electric coffee pot and ENJOY!

Bagel Supreme is located at 862 Mountain Avenue, Springfield. Call: 973.376.9381.