As consumers, we have a number of Whole Foods Markets throughout Central Jersey. Along with the Clark location, The Whole  Foods Markets that appear to be closest to us are: 222 Main Street, Madison; Call: 973.822.8444; 701 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair: 973.746.5110; 110 Washington Street, Morristown: 973.385.1900; 2245 Springfield Avenue, Vauxhall: 908.688.1455; 235 Prospect Ave., West Orange: 973.669.3196
Of course, you can’t go very far today, without hearing someone praise their visit to a Whole Foods Market, for the company has truly found a “Home” in our Garden State. Unlike what we’re accustomed to when shopping in many of our neighborhood supermarkets and grocery stores, Whole Foods appears to concentrate on fresh, organic food. 

According to Wikipedia and others, “As of January, 2015,  the company has 429 supermarkets among the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, with it’s main produce production office located in Watsonville, California.  And what is more interesting, is that Whole Foods Market became a Fortune 500 Company in March 2005, and is the 30th most productive retailer in the United States.”

As an interested consumer, I decided to visit the Whole foods Market in Clark. Truly impressed with the layout of the market, not only was it easy to locate your favorite fruits, vegetables, canned goods, bread, pasta, and daily specials, brightly colored, informative Shopping Guides are available to help facilitate your super market, shopping experience.

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For example, last week, Bell & Evans-Air-Chilled, Bone-In Chicken Breasts were on sale for only $2.69 a pound. Naturally if you are a “Bell & Evans Chicken Breast fan, you’d gravitate to that area, and treat the family to broiled, baked, or grilled, chicken breasts, or Fresh swordfish Steaks for $15.99 lb., (regularly $20.99 a pound.)

True, if I had to choose the absolute bargain on the ‘Sale Sheet of the Week’, it would have to be a Local Tote Bag of apples for $.99 a pound, (regularly $1.99 lb.), but this is not where I truly shop, but it is now a place, I will definitely visit.

Why? Because, the store is definitely easy on the eyes. All of the displayed merchandise looks as though it was picked especially for “YOU”! And. as the customer, “YOU”  have the option to pick and choose what you’d like to buy.  
It offers a chance to see products you might not find in your “Regular” Super Market, and quite frankly, when they do have a sale on merchandise, it certainly appears to be  a “worthy” sale.

Offering a huge variety of fresh bread, Customers are always able to choose a delicious house-baked bread to accompany any meal of the day or evening.  I chose a truly long, narrow cylindrical loaf, with a crisp  crust, and a delicious interior. I must confess, I started munching on the bread as soon as I got into my car. By the time dinner was on the table, I had to confess I was the culprit that nearly “ate the whole thing!”

I also purchased red and green grapes, a tomato several bananas, and a couple of cheeses. For me, it was a new and interesting, shopping experience. I found that whatever I purchased tasted fresh and delicious. The staff was courteous, and extremely helpful, and quite frankly, I enjoyed my visit to Whole Foods.

Be advised, no one twists your arm to purchase anything. It’s all up to you, the consumer. Check it out, and let me know. 

Best to You, always, Millicent.

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1255 Raritan Road