Nutley Time

  • It's a World of Mistrust and Hate

    March 16, 2019

    Respect yourself, then respect all others. Mistrust and Hate in this World, leads to it's end.

    The ( Circle of Man ) ?   RESPECT      is the circle   

    ONE ...


    Artworks by George R. Draney  Citizen U.S.A.

    Our true love ways, In God We Trust, America The Beautiful, From Sea To shining Sea, Mountains of Love

    Volunteers of America

    Liberty Is Not ...

  • Modern Day Age of Distractions

    I cast my vote as a citizen of the town of Nutley, N.J. and I say NO,  to the recreastional use of Marijuana. In this day and age of distractions a worldwide CRISIS of attention, where ...

  • Nutley Time: A Wednesday in the park

    3/6/2019 Wednesday

    A walk in the park I had in mind after the snow dump of winter the day before. First stop a cup of coffee at John's, to bring to the falls in the park. As I sat at ...

  • Shamrocks are green

    Why do I sit on the frozen ground ?

    It's the Green of the day, takes the frost or snow away, but, don't you see the Green of the Shamrocks ?

    St. Patrick turned us Irish to ...

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