NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - There are a lot of issues facing Jonathan Holloway - and he's still about five months away from taking over as the university's 21st president.

A labor union representing some 1,400 medical members has been working on a contract that expired in 2018, a scheduling system that is set to start in March has been panned by faculty members and there's always the backlash that comes with giving football coach Greg Schiano an eight-year, $32 million contract.

Add those to the omnipresent issues such as tuition costs, parking and bussing, and it becomes clear that Holloway will have a lot on his plate when he succeeds Robert Barchi on July 1.

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TAPinto New Brunswick earlier this week asked students on the College Avenue campus what issues at Rutgers would you like to see Holloway address when he becomes president.

Jamie Logan, Journalism and Media Studies major, senior

“First off, I would really like more vegan options in the dining hall. I think as Rutgers, we want to be a leading institution and we want to be more mindful with our choices of what we are purchasing and what we’re feeding students. (...) Another thing that I would for the college president to take into account is the bus system. Especially in the colder months, we’re waiting for a long time just to get to class. I think we can definitely speed up the process. (...) It would help students get to class more.”






Jonah Wang, HR and Human Labor Studies major, junior

   “I probably want to see the president start lowering the cost of tuition for Rutgers students. I think the cost of tuition is way too high in America, and especially at Rutgers. [The tuition] has been increasing by at least five or 10% every year or so. The new president, maybe, could put something in place that could lower that rate.”








Oghogho Notemwanta, Computer Science major, senior

“Some changes I would like to see for Rutgers University [are] definitely parking. I think
that the parking prices are just way too high, and that the rules and regulations [are] just way too strict for no reason. Also, I want to see more funding for other programs, other than athletics. (...) Athletics are nice and all, but they don’t deserve all the money that they’re getting. Also, I don’t know if it was changed, but definitely the food and the meal plan policy. The three-swipe regulation thing is absurd. How would you be paying over thousands of dollars and having only three swipes a day; that’s a little ridiculous.”






Skyler Rosen, Exercise Science major, junior

“I’d like to see more public parking around campus on all the campuses. Every lot is permit parking. People are getting unnecessary tickets, and the school is just making money off people parking. It’s not fair. There should definitely be more public parking, or at least meter parking, around campus.”








Oluwatobi Omotoso, Political Science and History major, junior

“[I’d like to see] more communication with faculty because there’s been a lot of divisiveness over the last [few] years with faculty wages and stuff. That’s created a lot of controversy on campus. I would like to see tuition start to go down, or at least have more of a conversation about it, because a lot of students are really upset about that. (...) A third thing, which I’ve heard a lot about from different faculty on campus, is [faculty] would like a lot more interdisciplinary classes and a lot more interaction between the schools. I was talking to the dean of the honors college the other day and he was talking about how a lot of the schools at the university — the engineering school, the school of arts and sciences — they don’t coordinate, and it could really encourage a lot better student learning [if they did]."