(Middlesex County) – On Thursday, September 10, Governor Phil Murphy signed two pieces of legislation aimed at shortening Motor Vehicle lines that have plagued the state since the departments reopening in July. The two bills were sponsored by Senate Transportation Chairman Senator Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr. “The situation at the MVC has been unacceptable. Not only are people camping out in the middle of the night, but the spill-over is making safe social distancing nearly impossible.” Sponsor Senator Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr. said.

 A4486, Authorizes MVC to use stored driver's license or identification card photo for longer than eight years; limits certain appointment times at MVC locations to senior citizens and persons with certain medical conditions during COVID-19 pandemic. This will allow for people who were previously unable to renew their license online to do so. It will also create certain time slots senior citizens and persons with certain medical conditions. This bill will take effect immediately.

The second bill S2803 Temporarily extends deadline to register vehicle and obtain driver's license for new State residents during COVID-19 public health emergency. This bill provides that a person who is allowed to operate a motor vehicle as a non-resident has 120 days to obtain a New Jersey driver’s license and to register a motor vehicle upon becoming a resident of the State. “Both of these bills will drastically shorten the lines at Motor Vehicle Commission