The South Plainfield Junior Baseball Club (SPJBC) will be having 1 LAST In Person Registration Signup on Saturday February 9th from 9am to 1pm at the SPJBC Clubhouse on Lorraine Ave

Any Children ages 5 – 18 years old can sign up to play.  If you child is in Kindergarten they are eligible to play at the South Plainfield Junior Baseball Club

As well Parents can sign up online at the SPJBC Website: or you can mail a Reg form located on the website  to SPJBC, PO Box 166, South Plainfield NJ 07080

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Any questions please call our Player Agent Jason Teal at 732-668-1263.

Early In person Registration Costs are (add $5 for online registrations):

  • Single Child = $130.00
  • Two Children = $200.00
  • Three Children = $270.00

If you child is a first time player, a $100 bond will also needed.