On Sunday September 27 th the South Plainfield Knights of Columbus Council #6203 gave out there 2019-2020 End of Year Highest Awards. These awards are usually given out in June, but of course with COVID they were a little delayed this year. Past Grand Knight Joe Wilkowski and Current Grand Knight Tom Berry presented the 2020 South Plainfield Knights of Columbus Family and Knights of the Year Award

Bill and Kathy Thomas are the South Plainfield Knights of Columbus Family of the Year

Bill has been a very active Knights of Columbus member since 1990, following in his father’s James footsteps. James Thomas was also a very active Knight for many years, we was Past Grand Knight from 1989 to 1991 and helped start the Council’s Keystone Christmas Party. When Bill’s father passed in 1997, Bill and his wife Kathy decided to honor his father’s memory and make the annual Keystone Christmas Party event their project for the community and the Knights council.

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Since then, Kathy and Bill have been helping run this event and are a major part of its success every year. Bill has also helped support the Special Citizens Drive for many years. Bill also serves as an usher at Sacred Heart Church.

Past Grand Knight Tom Pollock is the South Plainfield Knights of Columbus Knight of the Year

Tom has been a very active member of the South Plainfield Knights since he joined and also followed in the footsteps of his Father-in-law Joe Bieliski

Tom received this Knight of the Year award for his many dedicated years to the South Plainfield Knights of Columbus. Tom was Grand Knight from 2014-2016 and also currently serves as the Treasurer for the 4 th Degree Knights Council. His continued involvement included assisting and planning with Past Grand Knight Joe Wilkowski throughout his terms. Tom is an asset to the council and is thanked for his ideas and guidance.

Tom also supports the Knights of Columbus Special Citizens Drive, Somerset Patriots Games, Sacred Heart Fish Dinners, Keystone Christmas and St. Patrick’s Dinners, Fall Mum’s Sale, the OLC Feast of Saint Anthony Carnival, Don't Cook Friday Spaghetti Dinners and the Veterans Lunches.

Bill, Kathy and Tom epitomize what the Knight of Columbus Family and Knight of the year winners stand for and there full support of the Church, Youth and South Plainfield Community activities.

The South Plainfield Knights of Columbus wish to thank all of them for their commitment and services.

When you see Bill, Kathy and Tom around South Plainfield, congratulate them on this very worthy honors.