So, got the cobwebs up?  How about the jack-o-lantern?  Well-stocked with candy?  You did remember the surgical gloves, right?  And the extra anti-bacterial wipes?  Well, at least everybody will have their own masks, of one type or another.  Before you start worrying over all this, here’s news from South Plainfield Library.

            First, just a reminder that we are, indeed, open to the public.  We’re limited as far as how many people can be in the building at one time, but we can let you inside.  Meanwhile, we still have our curbside delivery service in place, if you prefer.  Also, while using the computers and looking for books is permitted, we’re not set up for patrons to read or study in the building.  Our tables & chairs are not in place, and the study rooms are being used to quarantine returned items.  If you’re going to use the computers or need our Notary service, we prefer that you call ahead.  (See below for the phone number.)  On the positive side, we hope to have the Inter-Library Loan service back in place very soon.  We’ll keep you informed of our progress.

            Moving to our children’s programming:

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            We’ll start with a reminder that we’re still doing virtual programming.  Most of these programs are being conducted via Zoom, and you’ll need to pre-register and get contact details.  You’ll find those on our website; keep reading to get that address.

            -Both this Friday (Oct. 16th) and the following Friday (Oct. 23rd), our “Babytime” program will be held at 10:15.  It’s for children age 2 & under.

            -Ms. Kitty’s Chinese-language “Storytime” program will be held on Monday morning at 10:30.  It’s for all ages, and is presented in Mandarin and English.

            - We’ll have all three “Storytime” programs next week.  The program for children age 2-4 is set for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30.  And the program for kids age 4 & over is scheduled for Wednesday evening at 6:30.

            -Ms. Kitty’s “Chinese Language Book Club” will meet late on Tuesday afternoon at 5:30.  (Note the time change.)  It’s for children in 1st Grade and over who have some knowledge of Mandarin.

            -On Wednesday afternoon at 4:00, we’ve got a “Tween Time” trivia program with Ms. Jess.  Appropriately, it’ll have a Halloween theme.  The program is for young people age 8 & over.

            -Our new “Craft-along” program will be held on Thursday morning at 11:15, right after “Storytime”.  It’s for children age 2-4, and you can pick up the week’s craft materials starting on Monday.

            -Ms. Jailene’s “Let’s Learn Spanish” program is scheduled for Thursday evening at 6:30.  It’s for children of all ages.

            -And a week from Friday (Oct. 23rd), Ms. Mija will lead the “Scary Snacks” program at 3:00.  It’s for kids age 6 and over.  They’ll be making “Spooky Smiles”; you’ll find a list of ingredients on our website.

            In addition to the scheduled programs, we’ve got a few floating programs in place.  We’ve got “Spooktacular Halloween Tales”, a pre-recorded program for all ages available throughout the month.  Our weekly “Make & Take Craft Kits” are available for pick-up.  And Ms. Jailene’s Spanish-language “Storytime” program can be found each week on our YouTube channel.

            We’ve also got a few programs for the somewhat older patrons, as well:

            -Our Classic Movie Presentation will be continuing their Halloween theme this month.  This Friday, our movie will feature Lon Chaney not singing about the “Music of the Night”, while the next Friday (Oct. 23rd) will see Abbott & Costello providing laughs, while Bela, Lon Jr., and Glenn provide the scares.  And mark your calendars for Oct. 30th, when we’ll have Orson Welles’ Martians wipe out much of central NJ.  We’ll post the links to them each Friday afternoon around 2:00.

            -On Monday morning at 11:00, we’ll bring you a Credit Awareness program with Lucy Millan, the Vice-President of TD Bank’s South Plainfield branch.  She’ll have details on how to be better prepared to handle your finances.  And she’ll also be leading a program on “Breaking the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle” on Monday (Oct. 26th) at 12:30.

            -Our English Conversation Group will meet on Monday evening at 8:00 and on Thursday afternoon at 4:00.  They’re for new English speakers who want to practice and improve their conversation skills.

            That’s about all we have room for this week.  If you’d like more information, or to register for a program, go to  You can also pick up more details on our Facebook page at  Or, if you prefer, call us at (908) 754-7885.  Thanks very much for stopping by.  Now you can make sure your pumpkin patch is sincere enough.