What, February is nearly over already?  No doubt you were just getting used to it.  So, before March arrives like the proverbial lion, let’s look at upcoming events at South Plainfield Library:

            With a couple of additions and one cancellation, we’ve got a usual slate of children’s programs next week:
            - Our next “Kidcraft” program is set for Friday afternoon at 3:00.  It’ll feature a selection of wood crafts for painting.  It’s for all ages; space is limited so pre-registration is required.  There’s a $1.00 materials fee, payable upon registration.
            - The “Saturday Storytime” program for all ages will start Saturday morning at 10:30.
            - The next meeting of the Chess Club will meet right after Saturday's “Storytime” at 11:30.  It’s for kids age 6 & over.  You can bring your own set, or use one of ours.  Anyone wishing to try the “one player vs. five players simultaneously” challenge is free to do so.   
            - We’ll have another “Special Needs Sensory Storytime” program on Sunday afternoon at 3:00.  It’s for young people from pre-K to young adult who might not be comfortable with our standard “Storytime”.  You don’t need to pre-register.
            - We’ll have another Chinese language “Storytime”, led by Ms. Kitty, on Monday afternoon at 1:30.  It’s for kids age 2-6 and will be presented primarily in Mandarin, but there will be descriptions of the stories & songs in English.
            - The LEGO Builders program this Monday has been cancelled, but we’ll still have the session on Thursday afternoon at 3:00.  That’s for kids of all ages; we’ll provide the pieces.
            - Our regular “Storytime” programs (we seem to have a lot of “Storytime” programs, huh?) will be held on Tuesday morning at 10:30, Wednesday evening at 6:30 and Thursday afternoon at 1:15.  They’re for children age 3 & over.
              - Our “Puzzle & Game Playtime”, for children age 3 & over, will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11:30.
            - “Toddler Time”, for children age 2 & 3, will be held on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30.
            - We’ll have another “Tabletop Gaming” program on Wednesday afternoon at 3:00.  It’s for young people age 10 & over, and features a variety of tabletop games, from simple board games to complex RPGs.  We’ll let you know when we can afford a “Full-Sized Arcade Gaming” program.
            - Our next “Meditation & Mindfulness” program is scheduled for Thursday evening at 7:45.  Led by Miss Aimee; it’s for kids age 7-12.
            - And next Friday morning at 10:15, we’ll host “Babytime: Session 1” (bet you thought I’d put in a joke there) for children age 2 & under who can’t walk on their own.  It’ll be followed at 11:15 with “Babytime: Session 2”, for children age 2 & under who can walk on their own.
            Except for the “Kidcraft” program, all of these events are free of charge and there’s no need to pre-register.  If you have any questions about our programs for kids, just call us and check with the Children’s Room.

            Moving on to our events for adults:
              - We have a special movie presentation tomorrow afternoon at 2:00.  We’ll be showing “Mighty Times: The Children’s March”, a documentary on the 1963 Birmingham children’s march for civil rights.  The presentation is free; no pre-registration is required.
            - Our ESL Conversation Groups will meet at their usual times of Monday morning at 10:30 and Tuesday afternoon at 1:00.  Those getting used to English can stop by and practice their conversation skills.  We ask that you pre-register for either group.
            - Our Job Search Skills Coaching sessions, provided by Professional Service Group of New Brunswick, are set for Monday afternoon from 1:00-4:00.  These one-on-one sessions are by appointment only, so you must call ahead.
               - After a holiday-enforced hiatus, the “Monday Night Movie” presentation will return on Monday evening at 6:30.  There’s no admission charge, and you don’t need to pre-register.  Please call for title and content information.  We can say that it’s a biographical drama about the early career of America’s first African-American Supreme Court Justice.  We’ll present the movie again on Wednesday afternoon at 12:30, but you’ll have to bring your own popcorn.  We can only afford to provide it on Monday.

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The dreaded Ides of April are on the way, and there’s a great demand for tax forms.  At this writing, we have received the basic Federal 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ forms & booklets, and we’ll offer them while supplies last.  They’re on display near the Community Bulletin Board.  We also have file copies of both the Federal and NJ State forms that you can copy for yourselves.  One important note: while the Library staff can provide you with copies of forms you request, we are not tax experts and cannot provide you with tax advice.  Also, while we stock several books that offer advice on how to file your returns, we cannot recommend which one of them, if any, to use.  Such questions are best addressed to a tax professional, or the relevant authorities. 

That’s about all we can fit in for this week.  If you have any questions or comments, you can call us at (908) 754-7885.  If you’d like more information or want to check on any last-minute changes or additions, you can visit our website at www.southplainfield.lib.nj.us.  You can also check our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/southplainfieldlibrary.  Thanks very much for your attention, and we hope to see you here very soon.  And don’t put away those heavy coats yet; we’ve still got some more winter to get through.