Well, vacation season has wound down, the kids are back in school, preparations for leaf raking are underway, and Halloween supply stores are open.  Autumn will be starting up in a few days.  But, while there’s still a bit of technical summer around, let’s relax with the latest news from South Plainfield Library:

We’ve restarted our normal operating hours (1:30-5PM) on Sundays.

Our regular children’s programs are still on hiatus until October.  The Children’s Room, though, is open, so feel free to bring the kids over.  Our Children’s staff will appreciate the visit.
            We do have a special program for all ages coming up.  On Saturday afternoon, September 22nd, we’ll have a multi-cultural program celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at 12:00.  It’ll include a live dance performance, and refreshments will be served.  It’ll be held down the street (90 Maple Ave., to be exact) at the Senior Center.  No pre-registration is required.

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            Our adult programming proceeds as usual, with a few special items.  Here’s the rundown:
            - Our next Saturday Crochet class will be held this Saturday morning (Sept. 15th) at 10:00.  It’s for adults and young people age 14 & over, and focuses on basic instructions and techniques.  Please call ahead to register and get details on needed materials.
            - Later that afternoon, we’ll host an integral yoga program at 2:00.  It’ll focus on warm-up exercises, breathing techniques and meditation.  Participants are asked to bring their own yoga mat and water bottle.  At this writing, there’s still space available, but you must pre-register.
            - Our English Conversation groups are up and running.  At present, we have two programs each week: Monday mornings at 10:30 and Thursday afternoons at 1:00.  They’re for new English speakers to practice their conversation skills.  They’re free of charge, and pre-registration is requested.
            - Professional Service Group of New Brunswick is still offering job search skills coaching on Monday afternoons from 1:00-4:00.  These free one-on-one sessions are by appointment only, so you must call ahead.
            - Our next “Monday Night Movie” will be presented on Monday night (of course) at 6:30.  It’s being presented free, and you don’t need to pre-register.  Please call us for title & content information.  We can say that it’s a comedy from earlier this year starring Melissa McCarthy.  The movie will be shown again this Wednesday afternoon at 12:30, and be advised that the movie will be pre-empted the following Monday by another event (see below).  And please don’t bring in boxes to sit in; the “drive-in movie” activity is a kids-only event.
            - On Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll have a program on IRA distributions, provided by Dworetsky Financial.  They programs will be run on Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 and on Wednesday evening at 6:00.  They’re free of charge, but you must pre-register.
            - And our long-awaited Friends of the Library Book & Bake Sale starts on Saturday, September 22nd in the Multi-Purpose Room.  The bake sale is on Saturday only, but the book sale will continue as supplies last (which could be until next Easter) or Sunday, September 30th, whichever comes first.

            We have room for a few advisories.  First, we have a monetary request.  On those rare occasions when you need to pay a charge, we’d greatly appreciate it if you used exact change, or the lowest cash denomination needed.  There are times, especially on the weekends, when we’re just not able to make change for large denomination bills, and it’s embarrassing to go across the street to Flanagan’s to get change.  We really appreciate your cooperation on this.  And, in response to several inquiries, we’re still not set up for credit or debit card payments; we’ll let you know when we are.

            Next, we know that sometimes our patrons can be in a rush to get their items returned on time.  Hey, we appreciate it when you’re conscientious.  But we do ask that, before you return that item, you make sure everything is included.  In particular, please make sure that CDs, DVDs and videogame software are all back in their respective cases.  It’s easy to forget them, and it’s a pain to have to make a special trip to bring back something you’ve forgotten.  So, please take an extra couple of seconds to make sure.  We don’t mind the wait.

            And here’s a reminder regarding printing out material from the computers.  Before you submit the print command, please take a moment to double check that the printout is the way you want it.  Is it the right size?  Will it print out in color or black & white?  Is the paper set for landscape or portrait printing?  It’ll save you a lot of trouble, and us a lot of toner, if you make sure of this first.  If you’re not sure, ask a staff member for help.

            That’s about all for now.  For more details, please call us at (908) 754-7885.  You may also check our website at www.southplainfield.lib.nj.us.  You may also look us up on Facebook at www.facebook.com/southplainfieldlibrary.  See you next time.