There is a moment before I write my column when I worry that I won’t have a new fashion thought.  I take in the moment and look at it.  And then I smile because I know that an idea will come to me. I am always right. I see a great color as I am walking, I flip through a magazine, I hear a conversation, I listen to a piece of music, or I speak to someone, and before you know it there it is: a new fashion thought. Fashion is not about a single article of clothing. Fashion is everywhere; it is 100% inspiration. 


A few weeks ago, H&M partnered with Versace, much like Target’s partnership with Missoni and other similar collaborations between high-end designers and mass retailers. Missoni is more my style, but nevertheless, I look forward to checking out the H&M/Versace collection. I like glamour and studs and leather, too. When interviewed by The New York Times about this partnership with H&M, Donatella Versace had this to say: “The thing about H&M that makes me very happy is that I can reach an enormous crowd of young people, because they are looking for inspiration.  They are not looking for a dress.” I will add this; at every age we are looking for inspiration.  We are all looking for comfort and glamour both.

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One way to stay inspired is to play with fashion. Have a little fun with it. Play around with color and pattern and texture and try wearing things different ways, while keeping a degree of spontaneity.  No one ever said you should wear something the same way every time. You can’t always play it safe. Fashion is about being a little daring. And as I have said before, there’s no big commitment with fashion.  It’s on – it’s off.  If you like it, you can try it again. Or not.




“Look for the woman in the dress.  If there is no woman, there is no dress.”  Coco Chanel. 


Find yourself and have fun. Experiment. Be inspired. It’s time to come out and play!



Melissa Kaplan Guarino delights in sharing her love of fashion with you.  Fashion questions?  Feel free to write to Melissa at