In this contentious and often unkind world, service organizations remind us that kindness is still very much alive.  The Suburban Woman’s Club of South Plainfield is one such group, but what exactly do they do?

As we all know, in November our country commemorates our veterans.  To be a part of this, Suburban Woman’s Club members are joining the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs in changing one lightbulb, say on a porch, to a green light.  The green light demonstrates support and understanding of the sacrifices made by veterans and their families to keep our nation free and strong.  In addition, the Club plans to crotchet lap robes for the veterans who live at the Menlo Park Veterans Memorial Home, keeping them warm and cozy.

Some may say these are such small gestures, they’re hardly worth the effort.  But it is small gestures of kindness and respect which remind us of our common humanity and make life livable.

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You’ve read in these pages that Suburban Woman’s Club holds three major fundraisers during the year and as a result the Club awards scholarships as well as donates to local and international charities.  At the November 1st Club meeting, President Diana Cotone welcomed 24 members and six guests.  She reviewed fundraising activities, and Orvie Hoffman, who serves as the Club’s Federation/Corresponding Secretary, read a thank you letter from FISH Hospitality, an organization which serves Middlesex, Union and Somerset counties.  FISH’s mission is to help homeless families and single women by providing shelter and meals and other assistance which helps these residents eventually live independently in their communities as respected families and individuals.

Suburban Woman’s Club’s donation to FISH was used to buy backpacks, notebooks, rulers and personal items. These small items gave hope to FISH residents and hope is what we celebrate when we give thanks on Thanksgiving Day.  But many families right here in South Plainfield may find themselves without a Thanksgiving dinner.  Home Life Chair Terri Wilkinson, with Debbie Boyle and Jessica Spina, will create food baskets for the holidays to be donated to needy families to enjoy a proper meal. 

And Club members Cathy Wells and Kathy Wozniak, along with their knitting group, created 30 baby caps for Period of PURPLE Crying, a program designed to prevent shaken baby syndrome.   PURPLE is an acronym that helps parents understand this period of crying, a normal experience for many babies but a stressful one for parents.

Small gestures? Perhaps.  But these small gestures of kindness are the DNA of service clubs which have big impacts and give us a sense of community.  As with any organization, service clubs require new members to keep them viable and Suburban Woman’s Club is no different.  It’s a great group to join if you’d like to make a positive impact in our town and surrounding areas.

The Suburban Woman’s Club of South Plainfield is a member of the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs of GFWC.  In addition to fundraising to award scholarships and support local and international charities, the Club offers its members programs on a wide variety of topics designed to instruct and entertain at each monthly meeting.  Interested in joining?  Any woman of South Plainfield or the surrounding area is very welcome to become a member!  Membership dues are $35 per year and meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at 1:00 p.m. at the American Legion, Oak Tree Avenue, South Plainfield.  To learn more, please contact Membership Chair Grace Bertucci at 732-549-9633 or  Like us on Facebook!