The featured TAPinto franchisee for December 2019 is Elizabeth Clee of TAPinto Clark.  Elizabeth, a former Human Resources corporate warrior, has used her corporate background and business experience to create her own successful, profitable business while giving back to the community at the same time. 

Q. Why did you want to franchise your  TAPinto site? What caused you to choose Clark as your TAPinto location?

TAPinto showed up at the right time in my life.   I was looking for an opportunity that would fit in with the work I was already doing and allow me to use my years of professional communication skills in a meaningful way.  Having been involved in my local community through several organizations, I had a good feel for the pulse of Clark and I knew that I could gain the respect and trust of local leaders and make a difference in channeling news to the community. 

There were no news outlets on-site asking questions and covering local government, education, police, fire, community life, elections, business or anything else going on in town.   At best the public would see a feel-good press release three weeks to a month after it happened printed in an advertorial-type publication. There was no news available.  I knew I could offer so much more and franchising TAPinto Clark gave me the tools and platform to do it.

Q. You have an interesting background.  Can you tell us about it a little bit?

I am a former Human Resource corporate warrior specializing in Training, Organizational Development and Employee Communications. I have had the opportunity to train, coach, lead and develop the skills of thousands of individuals within a variety of organizations.   I also have extensive writing experience such as business communications, training programs, technical copy and ghostwriting. 

Q. What do you enjoy covering the most in Clark?

I have the most fun covering popular community events.   Township Recreation events are always a crowd pleaser, watching residents engage with one another and enjoy the spirit that exists in this town is a pleasure and I think it comes through in the photos I share on TAPinto Clark.  Second to this would be the feature stories I do to highlight various community champions, people who make/have made a difference in the lives of others.  

Q. Is TAPinto full time for you? If not, what do you also do?  

TAPinto is not my only work but it is full-time.  To run a successful TAPinto franchise I am sure to cover the news, participate in local business organizations and blanket the town’s events, meetings, gatherings and more to create and maintain a network of followers.

Q. How do you think businesses and readers can best utilize TAPinto Clark? What advantages does TAPinto have that other marketing platforms lack?

Businesses that want to be seen, understood and respected as community standouts in their field of service are smart to join forces with TAPinto Clark and gain an opportunity to share branded content about themselves with our readers online, where everyone is today. 

Simply said, they can share their story and their expertise and tell our readers what makes them the best at what they do.   TAPinto Clark is woven into the fabric of the town and smart business owners know that marketing their business with TAPinto Clark will help them stand out in the local communities.   No other marketing platform can touch the opportunities we give businesses all day, every day.  I live local, work local, know local and will help each client reach local audiences.  

For readers, TAPinto Clark is exactly what its name says, it is “the place” to tap into all things local.  Most sources of local news have disappeared these days, so I am proud to say there is absolutely nothing out there that covers local news, events, business and more like TAPinto Clark.  If residents truly want to know what’s going on in government, schools, community, recreation, events, civic organizations, business and more it can be found with a few clicks, taps, or swipes.  

Q. What are some of your business strengths? What’s something you would like to work on?

My top business strengths are communication, developing relationships, being ambitious and providing excellent service.

I’d like to work on including more feature stories on local hidden heroes in the TAPinto news lineup.  Those folks that are tucked away in every community that are quietly doing amazing things but don’t look for the praise or the spotlight.  I’d also like to incorporate more live video and video in stories in the year to come.  

Q. Describe the TAPinto culture.

The TAPinto culture is awesome.  There is support when I need it, fellowship with other TAPinto owners when I want it and a ton of autonomy to run my own business as I see fit in my community.  The environment is very entrepreneurial, there are opportunities to share ideas, learn new things, make suggestions and try new strategies. 

Q. What are your goals at TAPinto? Any future plans for TAPinto Clark?

My current plans are to simply continue to grow the TAPinto Clark audience.

In the future I’d like to develop more partnerships with local businesses to sponsor all the sections of TAPinto Clark.  These partnerships are a win/win/win for businesses, TAPinto Clark and the community. 

As a sponsor, businesses have a chance to be highly visible on the site and to sponsor the continuation of the professional local journalism which is a win for my readers that visit my site 5 to 7 times a week.  Naturally all of that is a win for TAPinto Clark as having sponsors helps keep the lights on and helps me serve up all the local news my readers have come to expect.

I have several sponsors now including City MD, that sponsored the creation of a special section on TAPinto Clark called Crusader News that is used by Arthur L. Johnson High School, student journalist to house their school news.   I look forward to building more of these types of relationships that benefit, business, readers and TAPinto Clark.


Q.  Is there anything else you'd like to say?

I’d like to thank my readers, advertisers, sponsors, family, friends and the residents of this great town for the support and appreciation I feel coming from them on a regular basis.   Please help keep local journalism alive, share my stories, “Like” the TAPinto Clark Facebook page and keep coming back.