We can all use a day of relaxation, and while many of us hardly ever take a break – Relaxation Day on Aug. 15, is the perfect time to do so. After all – it is an annual holiday. So, kick back, relax and enjoy the day. The ways to relax are endless. You can do any of the following with your family and so much more. How will you celebrate?

  • Do absolutely nothing at all
  • Stay in bed all day
  • Build a makeshift fort and read books inside
  • Plan a Spa Day at home
  • Take the littles fishing
  • Play tag in the yard
  • Rest with your kids in a hammock
  • Play in the pool
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Spend the day at the beach
  • Do some gardening
  • Pick flowers in a meadow
  • Have a picnic
  • Enjoy the laughter of your children
  • Stare up at the clouds looking for shapes
  • Draw
  • Paint
  • Listen to music
  • Dream


The next time you sit down for a family dinner, toss out some of these facts to spark a lively and informative family conversation. After dinner, look up some of these dates and facts and explore the historical moments as a family.

  • The Beatles began their last US concert tour on Aug. 11, 1966.
  • The US annexed Hawaii on Aug. 12, 1898.
  • The Spanish defeated the Aztec Indians and conquered Mexico City on Aug. 13, 1521.
  • Japan surrendered, ending World War II, on Aug. 14, 1945.
  • The Whiffle Ball was patented on Aug. 14, 1953.
  • The Panama Canal opened on Aug. 15, 1914.
  • Construction on the Berlin Wall began on Aug. 17, 1961.