Everyone likes to pay cheap prices and get what they want when they go shopping. The question remains: When looking for crafts which store fulfills shoppers’ desires more - Hobby Lobby or Michaels?

Price is essential when it comes to shopping, so coupons and sales are very important. Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon online, in addition to a variety of items on sale every week. I was told by an employee a few months ago that if an item is not on sale now, it will be on sale soon: Just look out for it the next time you go shopping.

At Michaels, they also have sales, and they accept competitor coupons from “Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann’s, Ben Franklin and AC Moore. You can only use one type of coupon per transaction”, according to KrazyCouponLady.com.

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Michaels and Hobby Lobby also sell some of the same items for the same amount of money before sales. For example, if you search for buttons in both stores, they sell the same “Finding Nemo shank buttons” for $3.99. However, if you use the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon, the $3.99 price reduces to $2.39.

We all know that Hobby Lobby and Michaels both sell craft supplies, but Hobby Lobby sells a lot of house decor and seasonal decor. Michaels sells a few electronics such as paper cutter machines, polaroids, and 3D virtual reality goggles.

Although both stores sell items other than art supplies, Hobby Lobby has a wider range of options. For example, if you search for buttons on both the Hobby Lobby and Michaels websites you will find that Hobby Lobby has more options with about 686 button types and even Disney character buttons. Michaels is pretty far off from Hobby Lobby, with only 260 types of buttons. Overall, both stores have good choices. It just depends on what you are looking for.

If you are not an in-store shopper, and prefer online options, website display is very important to easily finding what you need. I compared Michaels and Hobby Lobby’s website accessibility. Finding the search bar was very easy on both websites, and they both had subcategories for shopping, such as florals and seasonal.

But of course, the main reason for online shopping is to see products. So I searched for flowers on both websites. Hobby Lobby’s website was very clean. I could clearly see all the items since the background was gray and the pictures were white. The prices were clearly shown, and many items were shown per page.

Unfortunately for Michaels, I found the website background blends in with the images. Also, there was a large side bar with all of the categories, making the rows of items only going across by three and down by eight. It was harder to read, and less pleasing to look at since there were so many pages and less items on each page. I would definitely recommend Hobby Lobby’s website over Michaels.

Students at Governor Livingston have their preferences too. Many art students reported that that they would rather shop at Michaels for their art supplies. Foundations of Studio Art teacher Mrs. Margaret Hodge likewise said that she would also rather shop at Michaels. She stated, “I don’t have a Hobby Lobby where I live”. Clearly, when it comes down to it, students who are into the arts would rather get their supplies quickly and easily from Michaels, and save their decor and fabric shopping for Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby and Michaels both have their pros and cons. Hobby Lobby sells more than Michaels, and has a better website. But, if you are looking for your everyday art supplies for art class, Michaels is the popular choice.