The holiday season is quickly arriving and students are eager for winter break to begin. Over break, some students will visit family or go on vacation while others will stay at home. However, no matter their winter break plans, students are excited to be spending time with their families. Sophomore Kelly McRae, for example, is celebrating Christmas Eve at her aunt’s house and then leaving later on Christmas Day for Vermont to ski for the rest of the week. She is excited “to spend quality time with her cousins and take part in their secret Santa.” 

Other students, such as Ryan Matthews, will be hosting Christmas Eve and Day for both sides of his family. Ryan says that the house “will be very busy, but it’s so much fun to hang out with his grandparents.” This year they are starting a new tradition of making dumplings together for the rest of the family to enjoy. Along with dumplings, Ryan and his Grandma Halmeoni make Christmas cookies annually.

Zach Glenn celebrates Hanukkah and some of his favorite holiday traditions are enjoying latkes and getting different themed presents on each of the eight nights. Each night the theme of the gifts change. On the first night, Zach and his siblings each receive money to “donate for a charity of their choice.” On other nights, they all receive a different book or movie. Zach and his siblings enjoy guessing what theme each night will bring.

In general, all students look forward to getting into the holiday spirit by making cookies, spending time with their families, or buying gifts to give. A majority of students celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, and share similar family traditions. The holiday season is able to bring people together, especially Governor Livingston students, as everyone is eager for winter break to begin. Whether they will be traveling out of state or staying at home, students agree that the most important part of the holidays is to give back rather than receive and to spend quality time with family.