Have you ever:

Walked the Passaic Avenue trestle?
Learned to swim at ITT?
Ate at Cousin Ben’s?
Fought on Church Hill?
Got a glove at Drewes or Savino’s?
Biked down Devil’s Hill?
Visited Albino Village or Monk’s Castle?
Seen Murphy directing traffic at the Four Corners?
Snuck under the fence at the Oval?
Had a Weller and talked with Kelly?
Caught or saw a deformed frog in Nichol’s Park?
Walked or drove “The Center”?
Got a nut from Rose’s or Gantner’s?
Roller-skated at Franklin School?
Had an underage beer at McGreevy’s?
Been one of the Dairy Queen/Cavallo’s/Avondale Boys?
Skated/fished at the Mudhole?
Played, cheered, or watched Midget Football?
Walked the tracks to Rizzuto-Berra?
Had Central Detention?
Watched the fireworks or made out on Fisher Ave?
Been to the Route 3 or Anthony Wayne Drive-in?
Had a field trip to the Nutley Museum?
Knew Nick at The Pentagon?
Bowled at Cardinal Lanes?
Got a high five from Mr. Walker?
Bought penny candy at Fred’s/Bernie’s/Al’s?
Played stickball at one of the schools?
Been bitten by a giant mosquito at the SportsPlex?
Seen a Cowgirl at the Western Scoop?
Bought a Boone’s Farm at Phil’s?
Knew who the DeBacco Brothers were?
Eaten at or read the Maroon and Gray?
Got a shag at the Shear Shack?
Been to the United Nations Garden?
Had a drink at the Chatterbox/TCL/Half-Penny/Scuttlebutt’s/Onyx/Nu-Bell/Crecca’s/Duck’s/Brook/Poet’s Pub/Carl’s?
Played at both Girl’s and Boy’s Park?
Knew someone from the Italian Orphanage?
Driven on cobblestones on Washington Ave?
Been to Dock St?
Bought Jordaches at the Jean Scene?
Had to go to Court in elementary school?