Oliver B. Bomble, a gentleman of independent wealth, and his good friend Ocelot delve into the mystery of a mighty giant on a mission to set things straight in the world. The story is published in daily installments and will run until Election Day.  All previous installments can be found below the current episode.

One morning not long after this encounter, a company of hardy mountain folk chanced upon a trail of colossal footsteps leading up the mountain.

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“It’s the giant,” one of them said grimly. “It’s that mighty Barribal. He’s back.”

“What a pain,” muttered the second. “And just when we were getting used to being ourselves again.”

“Those days are over now,” groaned the last member of the group. “He’s come back. I heard him in his cave.”

This was all too true. Deep inside the dripstone cave, by the flickering light of smoky torches, dark and dangerous voices could be heard.

“Hee-hee-hee! This is so much fun!” Giddy Goose giggled. “Do you hear those echoes? I didn’t know I had such a great voice. Yoo-hoo! And what about those shadows? Do you want me to do bunny ears? Look!”

“Cut that out at once!” thundered the dwarf. “I am the mighty Barribal, and I do not do bunny ears! I issue just laws and mete out severe punishments!!”

“Woo-hoo-hoo! What fun!” honked his companion. “I can’t remember the last time I had such a blast.”

The walls of the cave amplified his hoots a thousandfold, and many a mountain dweller hastily locked his door and hid under the bed.



Professor Zicboq, meanwhile, put the last hand to his Magnum opus, which would be published under the title ‘Leadership Syndrome as an Expression of Dwarf Complexes,’ and which was to cause quite a stir among academics and politicians alike.


Translation Copyright © 2014 by Adrian Meerman © Text and Images Toonder Company, Netherlands