I'm very happy to report that Minions (Illumination Entertainment/Universal Studios) is much better than I anticipated! We had to wait a little over a week to see it because we had planned to watch this prequel to Despicable Me with friends who were travelling abroad for the month. Our kids all love Gru and the Minions so much that waiting was tough, but we were strong and we prevailed! In the meantime, however, I had seen a few less-than-positive comments on my Facebook news feed after the film's opening weekend, so I was a bit worried. But, we finally had the chance to go, and we all really enjoyed it!

Minions takes us back in time to show us the origin of these funny little yellow dudes who work very hard to serve the most evil master they can find. After the untimely deaths of many a "Big Boss," we find Minion representatives Kevin, Stuart, and Bob in 1968 Orlando at Villain-Con. They are on the hunt for a new bad guy to support. When they get a job with Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock), "the world's first female super-villain," the bumbling trio are tasked with stealing Queen Elizabeth's (Jennifer Saunders) crown so that Scarlett and her husband, Herb Overkill (Jon Hamm), can take over England.

I love how the film shows us the backstory of the Minions and eventually leads them to Gru, our misunderstood anti-hero from the first two Despicable Me films. There is a successful blend of humor for the kids and things that only grown-ups will catch (such as The Beatles crossing Abbey Road), and there's also a great soundtrack featuring The Kinks, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, and other legendary rock n' roll acts

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Some might feel the Despicable Me franchise has grown too big and boring, but I, for one, would love to see the next chapter... perhaps the Minions working for young Gru and their certain misadventures?

Oh! I know at least one more person who would love to see another film in the series: my son, who shouted out in the theater as the credits started rolling: "That movie was A-MAZ-ING!"

Minions is now in theaters everywhere.


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