Finding a way to work physical activity into a family's lifestyle can be a challenge, but RingStix are here to help! Suggested for ages six and up, RingStix are a fun, award-winning toy that will get you and your kids outside and running around, enjoying fresh air and exercise.
To use RingStix, you hold one of the "Stix" in each hand, add the flying ring, and let the ring sink down toward the bottom of the handles.  Then, aim and pull your hands apart quickly to make the ring fly up to the sky or forward to a friend.  (You can play RingStix by yourself, with a partner, or even with a group.)
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We tried out the RingStix Lite package (suggested price $14.99), which is a set for two players and comes with 4 Stix and one flying ring. In the future, I think it would be great if the package included a second ring, as they can shoot up to 30 yards away and maybe get stuck up on a roof or somewhere where it would be impossible to reach.  Since my kids were a little too young to fully play the game, we made up our own rules and they had lots of fun running around trying to catch the ring or pick it up from the ground.  

RingStix are a great, easy way to add some physical activity into your family's busy schedule!  They are available online at and other retailers, as well as local stores such as Learning Express.

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