Long hair is in these days, but dealing with knots and tangles can be torture! What can busy moms (and dads) do to manage their little ones' long locks in a stress- and pain-free way? Well, The Mommy's Review was on a mission to answer that question, and we found some great products and advice along the way.

Jo Ann Wilson, a hairstylist and owner of Snip-its hair salon for kids in Rockaway, NJ, shared three pro tips that have helped her stylists get through many knots and tangles with ease:

1. After washing your child's hair, be sure to blot the hair dry with a towel. Do not rub as this causes the hair to knot and tangle.

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2. Use a detangling spray, such as our Snip-its Tangle Tamer, or a leave-in conditioning spray. Spray evenly over entire head, and be sure to spray the ends.

3. Using a wide tooth comb or a hairbrush, brush the hair gently starting at the bottom of the head working your way up towards the crown. This eliminates making any more tangles in the hair. If hair is extremely tangled hold the hair at the center of the hair shaft while brushing the ends, again working your way up towards the crown.

Their Snip-its Tangle Tamer spray has a light apple scent and works really, really well. Another spray on the market is from the kid-friendly brand Kandoo. Their Detangler spray is tear free, does not contain parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates (SLS), phthalates, BHA/BHT, or petroleum distillates.

We were familiar with the Fairy Tales Hair Care line after an unfortunate run-in with head lice last fall, so we are already established users of their Rosemary Repel product line. But, we did not know they also featured hair care products for tangles and knots! They have a Super-Charge Detangling Shampoo, Super-Charge Detangling Conditioner, and Static-Free Detangling Spray, which is our new favorite hair care product! It's infused with natural keratin to strengthen and ProVitamins for detangling, so the all-natural formula eliminates frizz, static and fly-aways while it primes hair to be combed.

California-based Elita Hair uses organic oils in their Leave-in Conditioner, which is another helpful option for brushing through tangled hair. The Elita Leave-in Conditioner includes bamboo extract, aloe vera leaf, and even sunflower seeds in a blend that's designed to strengthen and protect hair.

And what about hardware? At the recommendation of a hairstylist friend and fellow mom, we started using the Wet Brush last year, but it seemed to just break my daughter's hair instead of brushing through the knots. (I will say that it does work much better when combined with the Fairy Tales or Snip-its detangling sprays.) We found much more success with Goody's Thick Fix Brush, which I picked up at Harmon Face Values a few months back.

Rebecca Mace of The Solid Bar Company which makes "carry-on approved" organic shampoos and conditioners in solid form (similar to a bar of soap), told me about a UK-based product called a Tangle Teezer. Luckily, these are available in the United States, because they are great! We tried out the original Tangle Teezer as well as their Magic Flowerpot, which has a cute flower shape with a storage base for jewelry, hair accessories, Shopkins, whatever! The Magic Flowerpot is especially wonderful because it actually makes my daughter want to brush her hair... BY HERSELF! It's magic, indeed!

So, by using these tips and a combination of products, we've enjoyed much smoother sailing in the hair brushing department! We hope these tips will help you and your kiddos say goodbye to those naughty knots and terrible tangles for good.

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