Here's a long overdue review of a great website and learning tool for kids—! Like you, I had seen the commercials for it innumerable times, but just never took the step to log on to see what it was really all about. Then I heard from a friend in a bilingual household how much the site was helping her son to develop his language and reading skills. Well, soon after that I hopped on the train, and my kids just won't stop riding its rails! is chock full of learning activities and tasks for kids that are so much fun they don't even realize how much exercise their brains are getting. The kids can go on a learning journey via an interactive map or launch activities from their virtual classroom. They even have their own virtual bedroom that they can decorate.

The site offers lessons in Art & Colors, Math, Music, Reading, and Science in six academic levels. There really are so many things to do and explore on the site.

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I love that is a safe online environment where I don't have to worry about advertising, pop-up ads, external links, or the kids accidentally spending hundreds of dollars on online games. (Side note: when I was 12, I ran up a $400 bill in one month after chatting in CompuServe's online CB chat rooms!)  Also, I installed the app on my kids' XO Tablets, so they can learn and play on the go as well.

One of my favorite features on the site is the timer, which limits the amount of time your kids can spend there. When the timer is up, they are done! is recommended for ages 2 through 7 and is $9.99 per month with a subscription, and you can get your first month for free. This is a great time to sign up so you can use over the summer and prevent the "summer slide."