Are you ready to take your children on an entertainment adventure like they’ve never experienced before? Well, be sure to find your way to Pip’s Island, the immersive, interactive children’s show that recently opened in Chelsea.

In this show, a mysterious island is taken over by the evil Joules Volter and his Mole minions, and it’s up to Pip and his friends to save the day. But it’s not just the talented actors putting on the show; all the children in the audience are part of the action! The kids put on interactive Exceptional Explorers Society vests before they enter the performance space, and then they are whisked off to a land of wonder and adventure as they work together with the Park Rangers and other characters to get to the island’s lighthouse and defeat the enemy.

Through a clever use of puppets, video, music, and set design--not to mention a massive amount of confetti--all the kids (as well as their accompanying adults, referred to as “assistants” by the cast), go to a number of different locations as they journey to conquer Joules Voulter. The action moves from a jungle outpost to a monster of a freezer to a land under the sea, and more. There are challenges at each location, and the kids earn energy Sparks as they complete them. These five Sparks then show up as lights on the vests, which is pretty magical. Even my 8-year-old, who felt the show was “more for 3-7 year-olds,” found that trick to be cool.

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There is a lot to see and do during this one-hour performance, and it’s truly a lot of fun. My six-year-old asked if we could do it again as soon as the show was over!

Pip’s Island is only running through January 8th, so book your ticket for adventure today! The show plans to return to a permanent venue in NYC in the future and possibly open in other cities across the country.

Pip’s Island  is playing now at The Skylight Modern, 537 W 27th St, NYC.

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