Miriam Rosenberg, a mompreneur from Summit, has a passion for making children smile. For the past five years, her 30-minute long “Sing Along and Fun with Miss Miriam Show,” has been airing on weekends on Hometown TV in Summit and on 23 other stations across the US. The shows, which have a nostalgic look and feel of beloved 70’s children’s shows, range in topics for children ages three to eight. The segments are also available on YouTube as a whole, or as vignettes, called the “Miss Miriam Show.”

“The show has an appealing format for children,” says Miriam, who likens herself to a Mrs. Rogers-type character.

The over-arching theme of the show is that of kindness, caring and taking care of the planet. Each show consists of an original song written by and sung by Miriam, who is sometimes dressed like a queen, as well as craft, story-time and movement segments. Sometimes, there’s a guest, who either explains a topic like the planets, recycling or the weather, or an entertainer. Recent guests have included a professor, magician and scientist.

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An early intervention pediatric occupational therapist by day, Miriam says she does her show because she “has a passion for helping children and bringing them joy.”

“I do this because it’s a great way to share positive messages with young children about making the world a special place,” she says.

She adds, “I always loved children’s shows growing up. I felt the characters were talking to me and that I was right there with them having fun and learning something new. I remember romping around the room with ‘Romper Room,’ with my toy stick horse, listening to Mr. Green Jeans and Mr. Rogers. The shows were interactive, and oh, so simple.”

She continues, “I wanted to bring that feeling back I had as a kid and share it with today’s children. The world is so complicated these days and there are so may negative images for children out there. I just wanted to bring back some of the purity and magic of childhood.”

She says she came up with the show’s concept while doing yoga and meditating about what she could do to make a difference. She says that one day, simple children’s songs started filling her head that she began to write down. Prior to this, she had never written a song.

Miriam says that since she has always loved to sing, she put the songs to music and created a CD called, “Children of the Light” that she still sells today.

Right now, Miriam, who also does children’s concerts and birthday parties, is looking for sponsors for her show and to do more events.

Miriam can be contacted through her website, at TheMissMiriamshow@gmail.com or by calling 201-650-4709. Here is a link to her Blog, to see tips and other shows.