Since her teen years, mompreneur Simone Mitjans has struggled with a variety of health problems including digestive issues, seasonal allergies, PMS and migraines. In addition, when she was 19, she was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which affected her fertility.

After the PCOS diagnosis, Simone says she was determined to research how to treat the diagnosis and feel better in a natural way through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It worked! She is happy to report that she succeeded in her quest, and that, today, she is the mother of a healthy 14-year-old daughter.

However, even though, she was eating well, drinking a lot of water, taking supplements, and thought she was “doing everything right” – more than a decade later, she found herself not feeling well again. This time, she was suffering from the symptoms of perimenopause – terrible migraines, insomnia, low energy, anxiety and she says she felt old inside.

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At this point, she was prescribed Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, which she says she didn’t feel comfortable about using but was told it was her only option.

Next, a trip to the emergency room for a migraine, led to her being prescribed a strong addictive medication. She then saw a neurologist who prescribed two more medications. Despite these medications, she says the intense headaches were still prevalent, and she began suffering from side effects.

Then suddenly, one day, she says she couldn’t move her leg.

“I was playing with fire,” says Simone. “I needed to find a solution fast because I couldn’t go on feeling so awful.”

One day, a friend asked her if she had heard of biohacking. She hadn’t. She soon joined a Facebook group on the subject and began reading testimonials about fibromyalgia, colitis, insomnia and more and learned that they were all related to oxidative stress. Feeling like she related to the stories she was reading, and that there might be a real cause for her maladies, she started doing her own research on the topic.

She learned that oxidative stress, which happens when you eat and digest food, via the mitochondria, our cell’s powerhouses that give you energy to stay alive, is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability for the body to counteract/detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants. She says that the process gets harder after the age of 20.

She explains, “While our cells use almost all the oxygen that we breathe in to produce energy, around two percent of the cells don’t get used. The unused oxygen splits into single atoms. These free radicals are unbalanced because they contain an uneven number of electrons, which makes them very reactive with other molecules. This reaction is called oxidation, which is a normal process that our bodies needs to undergo in order to function well, help fight infection and control many metabolic reactions in our bodies. However, while this process is essential – it can also be harmful. It causes inflammation which is the root cause of over 200 diseases and issues as well as aging including high blood pressure, heart disease, aches and pains, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.”

She adds, “While exercise and other daily tasks can cause some free radicals that our bodies can handle, the free radicals caused by other factors put us at risk including an unhealthy diet, pesticides, cleaning products, industrial chemicals the ozone, pollution, tobacco smoke, heavy metals and radiation that comes through x-rays, flying, nuclear accidents and more.”

She says, “Another way to explain this is to think about how an apple turns brown when it is exposed to air. Just like the apple, our cells can ‘rust’ when we breathe in subpar air, eat poorly and are consistently exposed to stress.”

Simone says that while it’s impossible to completely avoid free radicals and the oxidative stress they cause, she has found that there is a way to reduce the damage. It is through a process called biohacking. She says that biohacking helps reduce oxidative stress and inflammation and brings one’s body back into balance.

Part of her research leading up to her discovery of biohacking entailed watching an ABC special report with John Quinones where he went to a lab and had his blood checked for oxidative stress. She says that at first his oxidative stress level was high. Then he started taking Vitality Stack, a product Simone now sells, and at 30 days, the oxidative stress in his body was down by 45 percent.

“After seeing the ABC report, I was convinced I needed to try biohacking activation and I am so grateful that I did,” she says. “Ever since I started activating my cells, my body is back in balance and the symptoms are gone. In fact, my most recent mammogram was clear, and my intense headaches are gone.”

Simone, who has a college degree in science, has become an integrative health and wellness practitioner, as well as a certified holistic coach by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is so passionate about her recovery, that she now spends her time educating others about oxidative stress and biohacking through coaching, consulting and speaking engagements. However, while she feels that her products have truly helped her feel great, she says it took being open minded about trying something new and dedication to get healthy. And, she is quick to point out that she can’t claim her products cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or disorder.

She explains, “Nutrigenomics biohacking activation, which is brain, gut and cell nutrition, is based on a blend of exotic plants working synergistically. It is highly- regarded and backed by a lot of scientific studies. In fact, 23 peer reviews have given this program their stamp of approval and there are countless doctors on the medical team for this product.”

She adds, “Consumers spend billions every year on antioxidants, in the form of foods and supplements, hoping to reduce free radicals but antioxidants from these sources can only eliminate 1 free radical to every 1 antioxidant molecule you consume. Biohacking is scientifically proven to slow down cellular damage by helping the body eliminate at a ratio of 1 million to 1. This is what my products do.”

“My goal is to educate as many people as possible about how oxidative stress causes inflammation, which is the root cause of over 200 diseases, and how biohacking activation is the first step to bringing one’s body back into balance,” she says. “A balanced body is a healthy body. I feel great now and want others to know that they too can feel this good.”

To learn more about biohacking activation, Simone’s consulting or to inquire about having her speak to your group, see her website, Facebook group called Got NRF2 that she is an administrator for or call her at 908-966-5434. Click on this link to Simone’s company’s website to watch more on the subject of biohacking.