When Arden Resnick of Madison left her five-year job as a math teacher to become a stay-at-home mom with two babies, she wasn’t sure if or when she’d be able to go back to work. She worried that if she returned to work, she’d miss her kids, who were both under two, and she really wanted a flexible career where she was her own boss. However, she felt that aside from teaching, she didn’t really have any other marketable skills.

She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do next — a common occurrence among mompreneurs before they take their next step.

Like many women prior to becoming mompreneurs, Arden perused local Facebook pages noting interesting people and careers. One day, she saw a career that piqued her interest — becoming a work-from-home travel agent.

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Arden says she has always been an avid traveler. She spent an adventurous college semester abroad in Australia and Zealand where she went bungee jumping, sky diving and enjoyed time exploring the great outdoors.

She has also traveled extensively throughout Europe to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Turkey, Russia, Spain, France, Italy and Greece, and has traveled to Chile, Argentina, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. On some trips she skied and on others she did a lot of sightseeing and relaxing on the beach.

“I love immersing myself in the cultures I travel to,” says Arden.

She says her favorite trip was one to Southeast Asia because the culture was unlike anything she’d ever seen before.

Arden says she has also traveled extensively throughout the US.

Aside from being an avid traveler, Arden was also the one who planned all of the trips — some spent with friends and others with family.

“I love traveling, and to me planning is half the fun,” says Arden. “So, when I saw that I could pursue a career as a work-from-home travel agent, I knew I had found my calling. I could unite my two passions into a rewarding and fulfilling career.”

She called the ET Family Travel company for an interview and began watching videos and doing at-home training immediately.

“The training was easy, and I really enjoyed it,” says Arden. “I learned so much and have really enjoyed using my new-found skills to plan trips for people.”

One thing Arden specializes in is planning trips to Disney including Disney cruises. She can also help people plan trips to anywhere in the world including Universal, major cruise lines, and all-inclusive resorts like ones in Mexico and the Caribbean. And, she does this all at no cost to the client because these companies pay her full commission.

“There are a TON of companies with all-inclusives, and I can help clients navigate the different options and price points,” she says. “Some examples are Beaches, Sandals, and Club Med. I can help with both adult-only options and family-friendly ones.” 

Arden says that sometimes people shy away from working with travel agents because they think it will add to the price of a trip.

“That couldn’t be further from the truth with me,” says Arden. “Working with me is free.”

Arden says that planning a trip to Disney can be daunting to a novice.

“There’s so much to consider,” she says. “Aside from the time spent considering the over 30 hotel options on Disney property alone, you have to get up at the crack of dawn, 60 days before a trip, to book fastpasses to make sure to get the best ones. Dining reservations open exactly 180 days in advance, and travelers don’t usually know which restaurants are harder to get into than others. In addition, there are character breakfasts, photo passes, and so much more to consider.”

“I can help people plan so that they can maneuver the parks efficiently,” says Arden. “I create a personalized detailed itinerary to help them avoid high traffic times as much as possible.”

“I also know which months are better to go there than others, where you can get the best deals, and I can help people pick the best hotels for their needs and children’s interests,” says Arden.

She knows all of this because as a travel agent, once a year, Arden gets discounts at Disney and Universal, and at many hotel chains throughout the year, to take trips to for research purposes.

“Being a travel agent is amazing because you get all of these discounts and opportunities that other people don’t receive because hotels and resorts want travel agents to experience their locales so they will recommend them to clients,” she adds.

“I can’t think of a better career for myself,” says Arden. “I would love to talk to anyone interested in learning about doing this as a career because I’m so excited to share my passion with others.”

Arden says she also welcomes anyone looking to travel or who has travel questions to contact her any time.

“Clients benefit from working with me because of my love of travel and planning and because of all of my travel experiences – not just because I’ve traveled to many places but also because of all the activities I’ve tried,” she says. “I leave no stone unturned when I travel and have first-hand knowledge and experience at many of the places people want to see, to offer when helping clients plan trips.”

“Being a travel agent is a dream come true for me and if I can make someone else’s dreams come true by helping them plan and book an incredible trip, it’s icing on the cake,” says Arden.

5 Tips for Going to Disney with Kids

Below are five of Arden’s tips for going to Disney with kids.

1. Plan ahead! Having dining, fastpasses, and of course breaks booked ahead of time, helps you to navigate the parks and maximize time. It also helps you plan which areas of the park you'll see throughout the day to minimize exhaustion. (Leave room in your plan for the unexpected magical moments that Disney has to offer, and the expected meltdowns from exhausted children).

2. Throw away your screen times rules. No one at Disney is judging you for giving your child an electronic device to entertain them on a long line (but try to limit this to lines so they can experience all the Disney magic too).

3. Bring a stroller, even if your kids are too old to use them at home (and tie a bright bandana around it because strollers can't be brought on lines). Everyone will be tired and it's easier to wheel kids through the parks, especially when trying to make it to your fastpass on time!

4. Buy the Memory Maker/Photo Pass. As parents, we spend way too much time taking pictures of our kids and standing on the side. Let Disney cast members take unforgettable family photos in the best locations, or get access to all ride photos and download them when you get home! 

5. Use a travel agent! Our commission is included in your trip cost, whether you use us or not, and our expertise helps make #’s 1-4 easier. We can help you plan ahead with a detailed itinerary to avoid long lines as much as possible; we can link your Memory Maker to your Magic Bands; and we can even help with stroller rentals! There are SO MANY details that are made easier with a little help.

To contact Arden, a Travel Agent with ET Family Travel, LLC, whose business is called, Traveling with Arden, call her at (516) 662-4243, or send an email to: travelingwitharden@gmail.com. Check out Arden’s new blog and Facebook business page for tips, information and more.