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Appliance Sales Plus

"We are Your Neighborhood Super Store for all the Comforts of Home."

Conceived as a natural expansion of Karl Thimm's and his brother-in-law Lenny Losito's careers as field servicemen for General Electric's major appliances, Appliance Sales Plus today sells and services all of the major brands of major appliances including Sub-Zero, Viking, Thermador, General Electric, KitchenAid and more.

The Early Years
"When we went on service calls in the old days," explains partner Karl Thimm, "customers often asked our opinions about major appliance purchases. In 1970, when the company started, we supplied appliance parts. More and more customers from Northern Westchester County came to us for advice before purchasing major appliances. For over twenty years, we built both an excellent reputation and a large base of satisfied customers."
"We came to realize that the selling and servicing of major appliances would work hand in hand," adds Losito. "Our customers' trust became the stepping stone into a whole new business concept".
With their comprehensive product knowledge of kitchen and laundry appliances combined with their long history of professional service, Appliance Sales Plus was born. The partners began selling new, major appliances in 1979. Their business grew dramatically because of their well earned credibility with a large, established core of satisfied customers and the added plus of their experienced service department, thus their new name: Appliance Sales Plus. They achieved their pricing goal by joining the largest group of appliance buyers in the Northeastern United States.

Huge Buying Power
Appliance Sales Plus owns part of a large buying group called Intercounty Appliance Corp., a partnership that gives Appliance Sales Plus the ability to stock a warehouse in conjunction with 90 other member owners. Their local Intercounty group belongs to a national group, NECO, which has five warehouses and is comprised of 450 member owners. NECO, in turn, is part of Nationwide, which serves 1200 member owners with warehouse across the United States. The result? Appliance Sales Plus's customers can readily take advantage of the lowest prices and variety of product available anywhere in the Northeastern United States. Nationally-owned chain stores such as a Home Depot and Sears generally incur large expenses in their operations. Appliance Sales Plus doesn't have the high overhead expenses chain stores must bear. Appliance Sales Plus has been in the same location in Somers, New York, for twenty-one years. Therefore, their cost of operation is lower, enabling them to pass the cost savings on to their customers in the form of the lower prices on every item they sell.

The PLUS Means Super Service
Many of the national chain stores and so-called large discount stores do not provide back-up service for the major appliances they sell. When a customer is in need of a service call for a replacement part, they can't wait three, four, or even six days for a service specialist. People today are busier than ever before with schedules that place incredible demands on their time. Getting something repaired can be a huge frustration on any given day and, in New York's Hudson Valley, service problems are often compounded by the severe shortage of qualified service personnel. Appliance Sales Plus continues to be this area's solution to repair problems. "Appliance Sales Plus customers know we provide service for what we sell," assures Losito. "Our customers know we have the area's largest, most professional service department. They know we most often respond to a customer's call with same-day service for emergency situations and within twenty-four hours for most calls.