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Two Ways of Knowing: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

December 7, 2012 at 9:00am — 3:00pm

| 71 Hamilton Street | New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Posted November 12, 2012

Workshop, led by Brian Bomeisler, Artist and Educator, is open to the public.


Rescheduled from November 2 and offered in collaboration with the Zimmerli’s special exhibition Art=Text=Art, this workshop is open to all adults; teachers receive six professional development credit hours. The workshop helps teachers in the humanities and the sciences discover the remarkable applications of drawing in the non-arts classroom. In addition, individuals who seek to develop their own drawing skills find that the philosophy and related exercises enhance their creative endeavors. The fee of $50 per participant includes continental breakfast, lunch, and supplies. For more information or to register, contact the Education Department at education@zimmerli.rutgers.edu.


The workshop is based on the legendary 1979 book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,” by Betty Edwards, which used the terms L-Mode and R-Mode to designate two ways of knowing and seeing: the verbal, analytic mode and the visual, perceptual mode, respectively. Most activities require both modes, each contributing its unique functions. However, a few activities require mainly one mode, without interference from the other - drawing is one of these activities. Learning to draw, turns out not to be "learning to draw," but learning to make a mental shift from L-mode to R-mode. Once learned, drawing can be used to record what one sees either in reality or in the mind's eye, in a manner not unlike recording thoughts and ideas in words.

Contact Information

Email: press@zimmerli.rutgers.edu

Website: cchttp://bit.ly/WorkshopZ

Phone:  732-932-7237

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