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Finding our way in an age of uncertainty

The human race has always navigated somewhere between absolute rationality and madness. On an individual level, Plato’s model of the tripartite soul mirrors what takes place on a societal level. He imagined a charioteer (representing reason or intellect), trying to control a dark horse (the passions) and a white horse (man’s irascible nature). Only by controlling the two horses, can ...

Jeopardy’s G.O.A.T. goes deep

Watching the indomitable Ken Jennings virtually run away last week with the coveted title of “Greatest of All Time” on the Greatest Game Show of All Time, Jeopardy, got me to asking myself some questions. 

Answer: He’s gone deep his whole life. 

Question: How does Ken Jennings store so much knowledge about so many things in his head?

But first, let’s ...