New Jersey Date Night: Ice Cream, You Smile

May 18, 2019

New Jersey Date Night is a series on NJ Flavor by relationship writer Craig Rogers.

Frankie and Annette went on one, as did Gidget and Moondoggie. Archie was known to enjoy one with Betty and sometimes with Veronica, too.  Even Samantha and both Darrins got into the act. If we take a page from the retro dating handbook, you might just want to join the crowd and take your sweetie on ...

Madison High School Hosts Rumage Sale to Support Day of Service Projects

May 17, 2019

Madison High School will have a Rummage Sale on Friday, May 24th as part of their Day of Service activities. The Rummage Sale will benefit future Day of Service projects and will be open from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM in the Cafeteria.

Each year, the students and faculty of Madison High School go out into the community to support projects for local organizations.  Examples of projects include ...

8 Ways to Beautify Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

With winter just a memory and the sun shining longer, it’s time for your yard to bloom again.

But an outdoor condenser HVAC unit, in all its metal glory, can be a real stumbling block to revitalizing your yard for the spring. If your unit doesn’t blend with your landscaping, consider these DIY-design options.

A wall of flowers will definitely draw the attention away from your ...