Passaic County Community College Offers Tuition-Free Opportunities and Other Cost Savings for Students This Spring

PATERSON, NJ - Even during a pandemic year, it’s possible to afford a college education when you choose Passaic County Community College (PCCC). In fact, it’s even possible to attend PCCC tuition free! 

If your annual income is $65,000 or less, you may qualify for a Community College Opportunity Grant which covers all tuition, and some fees, at PCCC.  

In ...

Go Forward This Spring @ Passaic County Community College. In-Person and Online Classes Begin January 27

It’s a new year and the perfect time to go forward at Passaic County Community College. PCCC has locations in Paterson,, Wanaque, Passaic, and Wayne, and also offers the programs and classes to help you build a secure foundation for future success. Choose from over 70 degree and certificate programs in a wide range of fields, including computers, science, healthcare, education, public ...

What Unity Really Means

Like so many of you I’ve watched the events of the last week in horror.

I have not watched them in shock, I have long thought that violence would erupt during this transfer of power. I have seen the signs – the increasing violence, the rise in the acceptance of hate, racism, antisemitism and sexism. The armed militias, the increasing desperate cries, the willingness to use lies to ...

A year (or 2) in Review - finding light in all this darkness

2019 was an awful year. Yep I said it – 2019 was an awful year.

The first half was filled with work related stress and the office nonsense that we probably have all started to miss and in the vast universe of things I hope one day I can see as trivial.

In May, my father, who has outlived his brain cancer diagnosis by two decades, had a stroke that left him debilitated and in hospice ...

US Senator Bob Menendez Reflects on a "Dark Day in American History"

January 8, 2021


This week, we tragically learned what happens when a President falsely claims an election was stolen and incites his supporters to act on his lies. On Wednesday, January 6th, as Congress gathered to honor our constitutional duty to certify President-elect Biden’s 306 electoral votes, an angry mob of insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol in a violent ...

Congressman Bill Pascrell - "The Long-Term Preservation of Democracy is in our Hands Right Now"

Dear Friend:  

On Wednesday, our United States Capitol was attacked by a mob of rightwing terrorists. As Republicans inside the chamber sought to tear down our democracy, the violent extremists they whipped up outside tried the very same. This attempted coup is treasonous. Horrifically, it was incited directly by Donald Trump and many of my colleagues across the aisle. The traitors ...

Sayegh Administration, United Way Aim to get Paterson Back on Track Through Financial Empowerment of Residents

January 23, 2021

PATERSON, NJ - Mayor Andre Sayegh was joined by members of his administration and the United Way of Passaic County at a press conference Thursday to announce the forthcoming Financial Empowerment Center (FEC), aimed at serving Paterson residents who need guidance navigating the complexities of the contemporary fiscal landscape.

“Pre-pandemic we were planning to launch a Financial ...

Noose: Fair Lawn Police "Confident This Was Not Deliberate Act"

FAIR LAWN, NJ - A noose found in a front yard tree of a resident's home has been determined non-deliberate, placed there through utility work to prop-up low-hanging wires, according to a police report put out in the last hour.

Fair Lawn Police said they are "confident this was not a deliberate act."

The noose, which homeowner Kelli McCloud shared on her Facebook page ...

7 Ways to Keep Your Heart Ticking

As the month of February approaches, our attention turns to matters of the heart. February is all about hearts - but not just the candy kind. It's also American Heart Month, a time to turn our thoughts to keeping families and communities free from heart disease.

Heart disease kills more women than cancer, diabetes and stroke. It will claim the lives of one in three, killing more than ...

Light Your Flame and Shine

This morning while I was scrolling through Facebook, a memory of a photo I shared a few years ago popped up. It's a picture of me in high school playing the piano for a drama club production. When I first made the post, it was simply in remembrance of a happy period of my life. But, when the photo appeared in my memories today, I saw it with a different perspective.

All those years ...

Prospect Park Land Use Board Meeting Dates

January 25, 2021






The Prospect Park Land Use Board will held on the fourth Thursday of every month with the exception of November. Meetings will take place in the Council Chamber of the Prospect Park Municipal Building located at 106 Brown Ave, Prospect Park, NJ 07508 at 6:30pm.


Prospect Park Board of Health Meeting Notice



    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that due to the public health emergency in the State of New Jersey, as declared in Executive Order 103, the Borough will be altering its normal meeting procedures for its regularly scheduled Board of ...

Heavenly Help Desk

I need help. My computer stopped working. And given that there are no signs of glowing screen life, my software troubleshooting skills are pretty much useless.

I have run out of options. It is midnight in the time of Covid and the Genius bar is closed. So is the bar in town.

What I need is divine intervention.

Surely there is a patron saint of computers I can call on. There is a patron ...

Inciting Violins

When I was little, my dad, who knew everything, gave me a present.

I watched with curious anticipation one day as he tied a long length of thread taken from my mom’s sewing basket onto the closed ends of a thick wire coat hanger. He instructed me to place the loop of thread over the top of my head so that the upside down hanger dangled freely in front of me, somewhere around my ...

Foods That Make You Feel Good When You’re Craving New Jersey Classics

January 23, 2021

NEW JERSEY — Disco fries, deep-fried Italian hot dogs, cheesy breakfast sandwiches — New Jersey restaurants are home to foods we crave, even if they’re not the best choices for our bodies on a daily basis.

We wondered, when it comes nutrition, can you have your cheesecake and eat it, too?

Michele Smith, licensed mental health counselor, certified intuitive eating counselor ...

Inauguration of President Joe Biden: Report from Washington D.C. with Photojournalist Julian Leshay

January 20, 2021

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- Executive Producer Brian Brodeur spoke with independent photojournalist Julian Leshay, live from Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day about his experiences in the nation’s capital as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris became the next president and vice president.

Leshay spoke to Brodeur via Zoom as he photographed images from the historic day at “one of the closest ...

Local Chefs Teach Online Cooking Classes to Fight Food Insecurity in Hudson Valley NY

HUDSON VALLEY, NY -- Janet Irizarry, the founder of Hudson Valley Eats, spoke with Brian Brodeur about her latest initiative, “Cooking For A Cause”. Irizarry started Hudson Valley Eats, whose main goal is to “make sure that everyone in the Hudson Valley eats, not just those who can afford it.” 

During the pandemic, it is hard for people to afford their basic ...